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[Archived] New Shirts

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Will it be another apallingly shabby Sportsworld/Lonsdale affair, or might we have a reasonable quality shirt from a decent manufacturer this time?


Lonsdale will do just fine smile.gif

ie. cheap tongue.gif

My two kids always get a full kit each. blink.gif

Not from a posh part of Lancashire. biggrin.gif

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Never machine wash football shirts. That's something I've learnt.

As for the kits, I'm well chuffed. I'm not too keen on the little segments under the arms, but other wise it looks good. The away kit looks great!

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I still prefer the home version with the red rim around the neck.

Wonder when will it get on to our shores...  unsure.gif


Paul gets them over in great condition and efficiently mate. I'm sure he'll be able to help you if you give him a message. I got last season's and this season's shirts all from him through this website. Cheers.

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