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[Archived] Should Dunny Have Come Home?

Should Dunny have come home?  

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  1. 1. Would you have signed Dunn?

    • Absolutely no way. The guy simply isn't fit enough for Premiership football
    • It's a big gamble, so probably not.
    • Sitting on the fence here.
    • Yes, even if he can't regain full fitness, the presence of a true roverite will lift everyone around the club.
    • Brilliant signing, he should never have left.

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Sold for £5.5 million in 2003. Plays 27 times & receives a fortune in medical treatment. Passes medical and returns to Rovers for £1 million (+ £1 million perf related) in 2007. A big thank you to Steve Bruce and the astute business brains at big club Birmingham City. Next time we want to make some easy money on a crock we'll know where to come! :lol:

A few small thanks to our Graeme for sorting it too. Hughes would have been at the club at the time so I am sure he heard what went on between Souey and Dunn, does this mean that fundamentally Sparky dis agreed with Graeme's handling of the situation. Surely if he thought Dunny was in the wrong we would not be here.

Hope he get's fit, stay's serious and pulls this off.

On the gate issue, I doubt Dunny's signing will add many to the gate but I have a gut feeling had we NOT signed him we would have lost a few (more).

Personally, I feel gutted for Big Sam. how about a bir whip-around for a foot-square "hard luck" card and a tin of quality street?


Or something in a brown paper bag??

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A mixed reception according to the texts sent in to radio lancs sports programme , which for me is a little disappointing seeing as any other night you can hardly get a Rovers fan to text in at all. Saying that, one of the texts mentioned something on the subject of pies and surprise, surprise the text came from Burnley.

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Heard this off my mates whilst I was in a v boring meeting at work, all the meeting heard was "F***ing get in there!"

HAVE IT Fat Sam.

Welcome home Dunny !

Get your finger out, get in the squad and let's see you do the business.



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I wasn't too bothered a few weeks ago about getting Dunn, but over the last few days I have really got excited about the prospect of seeing him in a Rovers shirt once more. I know a lot will depend on his fitness, but he could really be a great signing for us.

People bemoan some of us putting too much emphasis on the fact that he is a local lad, but I don't think think they understand the impact on a supporter of watching players with an affinity to their club, in a game dominated by journeymen foreigners.

I really hope I can make it to his debut.

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At least Paul has a hero. :)

Great point.

Absolutely delighted with this, the lad is still only 27 and if he stays fit should be coming to his peak.

This could be the best signing we've secured in a very long while imo. Given a reasonable run fitness wise we've landed a 7m quality midfielder for a million upfront!.

No disrespect to MGP but the next project ought to be to relieve Spuds of 10m for him and rescue Duffer from his barcodes misery for around half the price.

P.S. Good job me and den finally managed to jolt the Board into action late last night! :P:lol:

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