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Battle Of 4th, 5th, 6th Position


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Notlob play the Whammers twice but the Whammers play Notlob once...

With the odd little bugaboo sorted by a judicious edit or three that is a very useful table.

Can I be a pedant and say if I were an Everton, City, Charlton or delusional Newcastle supporter (aren't they all?), I'd still have designs on 7th+ and a Europe slot. They are not that far behind and I suspect will all finish ahead of Wigan except Charlton whose fans know they will be lucky to escape relegation if they have the usual "Curbishley special" from now to the season end.

Enough wishing bird flu on Robbins, my hunch is that with 4th to 7th all up for grabs between 10 clubs the Champs League hurdle will be appreciably higher this season- quite probably 65 points or more.

Wigan will sink down the table.

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I like the table Mr Dillo. Very professional.

Rovers to finish a creditable 8th. No Europe for us.


Yes, I'm also stubbornly refusing to get carried away (miserable sod that I am). We're in the middle of a hot patch just now, but the wheels could just as easily come off with a few injuries.

8th would be a remarkable finish for us given the (understandable) negativity that was largely prevailent before the season kicked off - I for one would have been very happy with a 12th place finish, yet now that would represent a massive disappointment. Happy days. thumbs-up.gif

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I reckon we'll grab a UEFA place, even if we stumble over the line with the others faltering at the end. But all in all though, it will be a remarkable finish and achievement to all connected with Rovers, considering the previous seasons we've had to endure.

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I think a Champions League spot is unlikely, but not impossible. Perhaps around 6-7th with Wham and Bolton the most realistic opponents for a UEFA Cup place. I am not convinced A-hole would have enough grit and fight to battle back to rescue their season, especially if the Champions League continues to distract them.

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IMO we cannot make the Champions League, we are too inconsistent to make that, we have to go to places liek Sunderland and Pompey and we are never at our best against weaker opposition. Any slip up between now and the end of the season will mean that we will be struggling to keep in a Uefa Cup spot nevermind a Champions League spot.

I believe that our hopes/dreams of Champions League football went away with the fairies after the Everton & WBA games. Had we peformed to our potential we would be sitting fourth with 49points.

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How many places now go to Europe after Man United winning the league cup yesterday?

Is it top 4 for Champs League (4th has to go in qualifiers?)

Then next 2 for Uefa Cup? so now 1 extra place for Uefa after Man United's win?

I think looking at the fixtures that both West Ham & Wigan will fade away from the 4th or 5th position.

This weeks games will be vital and should make things a little clearer.

Yids vs Rovers (Too close to call)

Fulham v Arsenal (Fulham in form at home, Arsenal out of form away)

Newcastle v Bolton (Newcastle much improved)

Man United v Wigan (After yesterday i think Wigan's season will go into decline now)

West Ham v Everton (Everton have improved but West Ham are good at home)

Iv looked at the games and marked what i think and the final table looked like this:

4th - Blackburn - 63

5th - Arsenal - 62 (Goal Difference)

6th - Spuds - 62

7th - Bolton - 61

8th - West Ham - 58

9th - Wigan 56

Fingers crossed thumbs-up.gif

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being reasonable and looking at the fixtures I have got it to us finishing 6th with Bolton finishing level with Spurs but losing out on goal diff, the rest staying as it is now -exceptance if a team breaks from the rest.

Rovers - +17pts

Spurs- +15pts

Notlob - +19pts

Arses - +18pts

Wham- +17pts

Wigan- +11pts

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