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SINCE 1996
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1960 F.a.cup Final


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Rovers squad at Wembley.

Strange one for the I'm in heaven forum, considering we lost 3-0 to Wolves, Dougan handed in a transfer request on th eve of the game, Stories of fans never returning to Ewood after supposedly dubious ticket sales by the rovers players and of course Dave Whelan breaking his leg - an event which effectively ended his playing career.

I remember virtually nothing of this game. In those days though, the F.A. cup final was one of the biggest days in world football. To see Ronnie Clayton lead out the Rovers is something that earns that game it's place in the I'm in heaven forum. Those blue and white halves looked magnificent in the May sunshine.

Anyhow, I'll leave the match reports and the truth behind all those stories of black marketeering to the people who do remember the events.

A couple of years ago, a neighbour gave me a programme from the cup final. Saturday May 7th, cost one shilling. To everyone who can't deal in real money, that's about 5 pence. However, with the programme came ---------- a daily express song sheet! A programme for community singing. biggrin.gif Rovers want to create more atmosphere at Ewood? There's the answer, get 'em out of the pubs and down to Ewood at 2pm for some good old community singing. blink.gif

Here we go:

song 1 - of course, god save the queen.

2 Fall in and follow me.

3 Don't dilly Dally

4 Heart of Oak

5 Soldiers of the queen

6 Keep right on to the end of the road

7 keep the home fires burning

8 Early one morning

9 Land of hope and glory

10 The happy wanderer

11 The football chorus

12 Now is the hour

13 She's a lassie from Lancashire

14 John Browns body

15 She'll be comin round the mountain

16 A roving

17 Daisy bell

18 cockles and mussels

19 My bonnie

20 Clementine

21 Auld Lang Syne

and of course, if you're still breathing -----22 Abide with me.

Blackburn End Drummers - eat your heart out. laugh.gif

Of course, all that was preceded by the massed bands of the Irish and Welsh guards.

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Now then, the massed bands of the Irish and Welsh guards had their own programme of such classics as:

Triumph of right

The arcadians


can can

charm of the valse

The pyjama game

Swedish rhapsody

and finally cockleshell heroes!

Of course, that was only the pre match entertainment. The half time treat was still to come.

Half time saw us entrtained by a marching display from the:

Grenadier guards

coldstream guards [was up there last summer, beautiful place]

scots guards

irish guards

welsh guards.

Now that's what I call entertainment. biggrin.gif

Anyone want to tell us about the game? smile.gif

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Surprised to find this match in the "heaven" thread.

Hell would be more appropriate.

My uncle, a lifelong supporter before the final, refused to go to Ewood again after Rovers' dismal showing at Wembley and the tickets scandal, which was never proved but caused the club immense harm for years afterwards.

He was not alone. Talk to the older generation in the town and many will shake their heads (and not from the effects of Alzheimer's) at the events of that day.

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