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SINCE 1996
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Kilimanjaro Charity Expedition


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Massive appeal now.......

I andthe team really need to reach £500.00 total.

We are currently on £310.

If you have a paypal account with a couple of quid sat in it doing nothing why not it to this cause its well worth it!

Thank you and please we need these donations badly...

You havent let me down on the shirts and i know you wont let me down on thew donations.


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wazzer have you got my shirst yet? posted 5 about a month ago and got no gen ref thier arival!

Yeh mate sorry, was that you lol, there was no correspondence in so i didnt know where they came from, lol.

Thanks mate your shirts took me to the target and past!

21st June.

14 Days until departure!

We have reached the target number for shirts, thank you to everyone who helped.

We are currently sat on £370.00 in donations for the orphanage which is £130.00 short of our target..

You can find details on how to donate via website under heading "Donate"

Our latest donaters was: Kyle, Lee

Thank you


Team Leader & Coordinator


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Hiya all,

Nowt like being late but 4years! I thought i had updated until i read through my posts to see i hadnt lol

3 got to the top out of 5 me not being 1 of them i damaged my knee a week in the other got altitude sickness on the final days.

The orphange loved the shirts and we also supplied balls lol.

Was a nightmare blagging the shirts and balls through checkin for the journey but they wavied the access baggage lol

All in all was a great adventure and would recommend this to anyone.

Thankyou all for your support that helped it was very very gratiously appreciated


Warren & the team

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