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[Archived] Uefa Cup

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There were 5 German bombers in the air.............

There were 5 German bombers in the air.............

There were 5 German bombers,

5 German bombers,

5 German bombers in the air.........

But the RAF from Blackburn shot them down.........

Oh the RAF from Blackburn shot them down

Oh the RAF from Blackburn

RAF from Blackburn

RAF from Blackburn shot them down...............

What a result, UEFA Cup qualification and we're over the moon. Lets pin this thread and talk about where we won't to go and how we'll get there.


Eh! I did what now? I really need to stop drinking! ph34r.gif

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Spuds in the Uefa Cup with a small club like Blackburn, that would be beneath such a big club, wouldn't it? lol

I actually want Spuds to get in the CL just to because it wold make a change from the usual suspects Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsk, Manure.

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Rovers chief plots Euro campaign

Good to see the positive vibes coming out of Ewood regarding the upcoming UEFA campaign. Makes such a contrast with the last days of Souness who I think said something about wishing rather to go out with the wife that night. At the time it didn't seem as obvious as it did now that he was covering his own back, downplaying expectations so it would lessen the pressure on him. Still...it had me fooled! laugh.gif At Newcastle it was excuse after excuse. Anything to take the pressure off him and damn the club itself.

Williams was at least as bad as Souness, probably more as he is supposed to be the boss. Fortunately he seems to have come around to the positive thinking of Hughes.

'The one thing I'm determined to do next season is make sure we have a good European campaign"

"It's no easy task for a club like ours to have a successful season in the Premiership and do well in Europe but, given the way our coaching staff prepare for games, I think it's possible.

"The last thing we want to do is go out with a whimper after the first round because everyone has worked so hard to get us there in the first place.

"So we know we must do better in Europe than we have in the past, and we are determined as a club to do that."

Blimey...it seems something to really look forward to! thumbs-up.gif

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I think there is a slightly different context-around the time Souness was quoting from his little red book, Ipswich had come a real cropper because of European matches, whereas now English clubs have done very well in EUFA and the Champion's League.

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This is an amazing piece of work - Bert Kassies is one Dutchman with a lot of free time...

I've never heard of half those teams on there - Tobol Kustanai anybody? F91 Dudelange? That one sounds like an obscure sportscar. I'd like to hear Craig Bellamy say "Yeah, I think we can go to Hafnarfjardar and get a result"

Although Gretna would be handy for me...

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THIS is a fantastic site to see some of the stadiums we could be playing in next year.


By far the best ground i have seen on there is the Bijeli Brijeg stadium in Bosnia....i would love to go there!! rover.gif

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