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Angola 0 Portugal 1

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Now for those of you who are Angolan or Portugese this may be a match you give a miss but for those who are interested here goes......


Sunday June 11th ~ ANGOLA vs. PORTUGAL (8pm, COLOGNE) on ITV (Beats watching Song's of Praise)


IPB Image

Where the Hell is it? : Angola is a country in south-central Africa bordering Namibia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zambia, and with a west coast along the Atlantic Ocean.

Capital City : Luanda

Population : 15,941,000

World Cup Pedigree : First Time

How they Qualified for Germany : 1st in CAF Group 4, beating Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Algeria and Gabon

Coach : Luis Oliveira Goncalves, a Brazilian, who had previously lead the Angolan u-21 World Youth Championship

Star Player : Pedro Mantorras, Benfica centre forward.

Did You Know? : Angola was Portugese owned until it gained independence in 1975. Angolans speak Portugese.

Odds : 500/1 to lift the cup. To get zero points 4/1



IPB Image

Where the Hell is it? : Portugal is located in the west and southwest parts of the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe, and is the westernmost country in continental Europe. Portugal is bordered by Spain to the north and east and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and south

Capital City : Lisbon

Population : 10,495,000

World Cup Pedigree : Semi Finalists in 1966, exited in 1st Round in 1986 and 2002.

How they Qualified for Germany : 1st in UEFA Group 3, ahead of Latvia, Estonia, Liechtenstein, Russia, Slovakia and Luxembourg

Coach : Luis Felipe Scolari, another Brazilian, who had lead Brazil to world cup success in 2002 and Portugal to the final of Euro 2004. "Big Phil" nearly became England manager if you believe the reports.

Star Player : Christiano Ronaldo, Manchester United winger.

Did You Know? : Pauleta recently became Portugal's top scorer of all time with a brace against Latvia his 43 goals surpassed Eusebio's 42

Odds : 20/1 to lift the cup. 25/1 on Pauleta claiming the Golden Boot.


Sub Plot: The last time these two teams met was in a "friendly" which was abandoned after five Angolans were sent off. We can only hope Christiano Ronaldo gets cleared in to touch.

My Prediction: Portugal 2-0 Angola.

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As you mentioned there was a riot last time these two teams met in a 'friendly'. It seems the Angola players try to prove a point against the country that once owned them, could be something to look out for.

3-1 win for Portugal.

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The last time the two teams met things didn't go that well.

it all started when the referee didn't sent off a portuguese player (happens too many times in friendlies). After that, the Angola players started getting violent and some were sent off. The game ended with fake injuries (I think).

My prediction:

Portugal 2, Angola 1

Simao Sabrosa and Petit for Portugal

Mantorras for Angola

All Benfica players!!!

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I'm looking forward to this one - it's gonna be the first game I'm not sat watching at Ladbrokes!

One thing that we can take from the first few games is that no game seems to walkovers like people thought. I think Portugal will win but only just.

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Even thoug I expect Portugal will win fairly easily I really want Angola to win for several reasons.

a ) After all the nonsense Angola has been through over the last 30 years of so I think they are overdue for a bit of good fortune and a party.

b ) They have the best flag in the tournament.

c ) It would add a bit of spice to an otherwise predictable group.

d ) It would be great to see Cristiano Ronaldo blubbing like a big girl at the end.

Edit: 4 minutes later... bugger!

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