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Hdtv Presentation In Blackburn


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Half of Englands pubs have LCS/PLasma TV's with HD Ready on them. But which if any pubs in Blackburn are showing the broadcasts in HD.

Ive just returned from Crete where all matches are being shown on BIG LCD/Plasma or Projector.

Not a single picture was as clear as my 28" 100 hz Sony WEGA CRT.

I would like to see what I am missing with not having HD....So if any of you know of any true HD presentations in Blackburn I would appreciate you posting them before tonights kick off.

Thank you

Ps the beer has to be good too...

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The only places I can think of that might have this are The Woodlands, The Hordens or The Knowles Arms. Maybe The Station Hotel @ Cherry Tree might also.

Ill be in the station.

why change a habit of a lifetime.

beers good

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a sensible answer.

So this HD LIVE SPORT is how good?

To get the best out of it, get yourself as big a screen as possible [say 42" min, if you can] and pay as much as you can afford - then it's superb.

I believe that projectors are awesome.

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