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[Archived] Look What I Found On The Internet

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Yup, like he really knew about USA cigar brands before he emigrated to the USA in 1932. And as he was born in 1879 it's not likely that he wrote it "early during the 19th century."

And just how did he know that only 2% of the population would be able to answer it?

Too bloomin' hot at the moment....grump grump.......

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I'll be this has already been posted before, if so, well I just can't be bothered trail through all the releveant threads to check, but this was doing the rounds at work last week.

(click on the mouse to make him react)

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Somewhat away from the topic, but it didn't warrent it's own thread. I subscribe to a weekly mailing called Holy Moly (NSFW: Very bad languag) which is very funny gossip rag.

One of the things they feature is excerpts from various TV station's duty logs (i.e. phone and email complaints and comments made by viewers). Most are classics, but I couldn't helping thinking either Gordon or Jim is responsible for this one.

Re: Bad Lad's Army

"What I would like to know is when can I expect 'Bad Lad's Army: Extreme' back on my telly? Face it, it's the only decent show you have at the moment. How about making it like Big Brother, live 24 hours? Then all the hardworking, decent, taxpaying folk could come home from a hard days work, switch on ITV and watch some soap-dodging, workshy, idle layabout scum getting a beasting from someone in unifrom who's not taking any of their lip! Great stuff!"


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I cant put the link up properly for some reason. Have you looked at the header and taken out the h**p://

It will work if you right click on the "not work safe" link, then click "properties", copy the www. address and paste into the address bar.

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