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[Archived] Look What I Found On The Internet

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Sand Animation

This lady is good and kinda hot too!

I've seen a couple of her videos before, she's really good. Wonder what Simon Cowell would make of that if it was on britains got talent!

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The World Cup translated into American by comparing each qualifying nation to an American sports team. Especially funny if you know your Yank sports.


Man oh man do their fans talk a lotta ######. A LOTTA ######. Not so much in praise of themselves as raggin’ on other squads. Way too much for a team that’s won it all exactly one time, and that was way back in the '60s. Since then, they haven’t even finished second. Yet they talk and talk and deify the main man behind that '60s win. As opposed to their local tabloids, who take every chance they can to tear the team apart one day, while predicting impending championships the next. This team will almost always fall before the final hurdle, but… their current coach might just be the perfect man for this team. He has them playing better than they’ve played in decades, behind a mix of veterans and one gifted youngster whose performance will be the primary determining factor of where they finish. Still, you generally have to assume that they will buckle under the double burdens of incredible media pressure and inescapable history.


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I hope this abides by forum rules but if not feel free to get rid of it.

Basically someone I know does a radio show for a student radio company, and he is trying to get more listeners so I said I'd put the word out. It isn't the slickest of shows but he likes to get the listeners involved and he plays a good range of music. So if you want something to listen to at work or home put him on.

He is on tomorrow between 11-1 at this address: http://www.kicfm.com/shows/mark

His normal show time is Monday's 12-2, I think tomorrow is going to be a relaxed show but it is good fun to listen to.

Again sorry if this isn't allowed! But please do listen!

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