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[Archived] Look What I Found On The Internet

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I just came across some website called Geosweep.com?

Was just checking who the previous winners were and it appears that on the 30th of January three Burnley fans won some money. How do I know they were Burnley fans? Look at the winning geo location, right in the centre of their stadium.

That is one prize I am glad I didn't win haha

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A piece of sound engineering.

This is a video of street singers from around the world being recorded, overlayed and mixed with one another while singing the song "Stand By Me".

Grab a container of your favourite beverage and enjoy these 10 minutes

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Someone's comments after watching that slug Prescott on Top Gear,

After years and years of objecting to people receiving titles and stating in 2008 he would never accept a title the natterjack faced flucking tw@t is now in the House of Lords , but then again he did have a good reason to change his outlook and take his position , " for the sake of my good lady wife ".

Was she still the good lady wife while you were having an affair with your secretary for two years behind the good ladies back ? One boorish big-gobbed obese smelly fooking thick Yorkshire flarking gobshite , I hope you have a stroke half-way through a shlt on the bog you back-stabbing lard arsed bastaard.

Good luck for the rest of your life on the gravy train living on expenses and insurance adverts you shameless , ten chinned bulbous hypocrite.

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God I fancied her when I was a lad. It's rumoured that the first bra was invented for Jane. She certainly had the equipment to fill it.

Nearly, Howard Hughes actually designed a bra especially for her, the first one to have an underwire, to wear in the outlaw. She didnt actuallty wear it though as she didnt like the fit.

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