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[Archived] Which Ex-rover's Autobiography Would You Like To Read?

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The obvious choices Shearer, Hughes etc would be interesting. Jansen is a good shout.

Others that would interest me would be Tim Flowers, Brad Freidel, Tugay and Kevin Davies.

Other good reads would include; Dario Marcolin and Oumar Konde

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scott sellars..just to see what he says about outr nights in manhatton nights....david speedies book the penalty

sutons ...another night on another dusty planet

shearers ...would i lie to you

gennnoes...the glove story

amo..the wheelie bin revalations

keeley...waiting for the hammer to fall


andy kennedy...marias mounds

king kennys.....ugfcytdctydtyhljhgffyufyfufyuuig78 the man that noone could undersatnd

brian kidd....ARGGGHHHHHHHHH

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If Simon Garner's disappointing pamphlet is anything to go by, I wouldn't be sad if I didn't read too many memoirs of former players.

That said, if they did put their words into print (and not the words of a ghost writer) I'd be interested to read...

Mark Atkins - I wonder how he felt as a player with a modest degree of talent in a Championship winning team playing alongside a clutch of internationals and how the highs of the 94/95 season compared to relegation from the league with Shrewsbury.

Tim Sherwood - the captain of the championship and the apparent chief plotter among the players against Woy Hodgson. His love/hate relationship with the fans would be interesting to read about too.

Alan Shearer - What does he think of us? I'd also be interested to learn how many chapters he devotes to Rovers compared to the barcodes.

David Batty - time the whole Le Saux in Moscow episode was fully explained.

Corrado Grabbi / Kevin Davies - I just wonder how the biggest p1ss-takers in football would excuse their appalling displays for us.

Graeme Souness - would he finally come clean and accept that for every good thing he did for us there was an equal and opposite reaction? Would his delusions of grandeur prevent him from admitting his mistakes. With a career as varied as his where he has achieved both great acclaim and great derision any book of his could be a potential classic.

Tuagy - my favorite Rovers player and I'd be interested to learn what he thinks about the relationship he has with the fans and his adopted home in East Lancashire that is so utterly different to Istanbul and the baying mob at Galatasaray.

David Dun - if his entry on Friends Reunited is anything to go by I expect any book of his would probably be a colouring book.

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Perhaps it would be a decent read if all the players mentioned above contributed just a couple of pages to a book of recollections of the Rovers era from say 1990 to 2004.

If I wasn't such a idle waster I would probably have a go at it myself.

It does seem quite a good idea.

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Shearer has got one out. I saw it a while back but haven't seen it since. Just noticed it here when searching.

EDIT - Now i've looked further into it I don't think this was actually written by him. Stupid boy!

Looks a decent book though.

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For me it would have to be;

Tim Flowers

Alan Shearer

Graeme 'Sourpuss' Souness


Christian Dailly-just to find out why we ere ripped off for a crap player like him. same for Grabbi, Kevin Davies.

Brad Friedel

Roy Hodgson(sp)-Love to hear how it all went wrong.

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