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[Archived] Portsmouth 3 Blackburn Rovers 0


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Colin's graphic makes for a depressing read.

I knew we're notoriously slow out of the gate--but

that really drives it home. I still want to look

at this optimistically as we cannot afford

a slow start this August.

Pompey 1 - who cares

Rovers 2 - MGP & Shefki (last 9 minutes to quiet his legions of doubters)

Go on Rovers, get into 'em.



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Wow, big undercurrent of pessimisim there. Can't agree. Got a really good feeling about the Benni-Roberts linkup.

Rovers 4 - 2 Pompski

Benni'll get a hat-trick, and roberts to get the last. Who cares who scores for pompey :rover:


Savage, despite trying to play fair, will get booked.

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Poor little rich 'Arry.

No doubt Hughes will be drumming into our walking wounded that we couldn't be playing Pompey at a better time. Their Manager has just told half the team that he tried to get better players than them and failed and the he's going to carry on trying to get new signings.

There are enough solidly good players around who would have been available at £3m (£5m to a money bags) that 'Arry could have transformed Pompey into a real threat for a UEFA place with £30m. Perhaps Gaydamuk just wanted £10m show ponies for his cash?

As it is, Pompey look like relegation possibles with that current squad.

And we all know Rovers' fallibilities against those (even Sparky's teams) :ph34r:

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After reading telegraph (it was delivered BEFORE I set off for work at 8am!) it looks like Reid will be out and Nelsen is defo out as well as Tugay

yeah tugay is susspended, wasn't to sure on the others though cheers mate.

i think zurab is out and todd was taken off against nz, hopefully as a precaution though i could be wrong, so we are looking well weak in defence :(

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Struggling greatly with injuries and ban for tugay.

I think the team, without Reid, will look like this:


Neill Todd Zurab Gray

Gally Bentley Savage Gamst

Benni Roberts

Very lightweight in midfield without Reid, a big test for Gally and Bentley ... their performances are key.

Still sticking with my 2-1 to Rovers prediction though ... I think Benni and Roberts will be too much for them.

Bring it on :brfc::tu:

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