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[Archived] Rovers 1 Everton 1

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andy johnson is in good form unfortunately. :(

In fact, Watford should have won against Everton because:

Johnson's was a deflection.

It wasn't a penalty.

Watford should have had a penalty.

Watford scored.

So Watford could have won 2-0, gives us hope, even if we have no defence!

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Observer says 7.45pm...Lee what time is the KO please and don't forget to tell Lucas Neill, it would be nice if he turned up for a game ;)

Hmmmm..... Don't know about that PB; after his performance on Saturday it might be nicer if he didn't ;)

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Everton were very lucky on Saturday to get 3 points against Watford. They had got a penalty from a header (which the referee saw as hand-ball) and then Watford had a cross stopped by a hand (which the referee gave as a corner)!!

I predict rovers to get their sleeves rolled up for Wednesday and batter Everton, 2-0 Rovers with the likes of Reid & Savage really up for this game. I can see Benni & Roberts wanting to impress the home crowd.

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We surely can't be as bad as we were on Saturday. Everton didn't look particularly great either in their game despite their win. So hopefully we can get our first three points of the season.

2-1 to Rovers

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We surely can't be as bad as we were on Saturday.

I was going to post a narrow victory to us. Reading that sentence though gives me an ill feeling...

Rovers 0 Everton 4

Johnson and Beattie to run riot over Sandcastle Ewood.

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A scintillating 0-0 draw which should have all the pundits yearning for the good old days of free-flowing football.

A real selection poser for Sparky here. Summarizing the discussion from the Transfer Rumour thread (not sure why it's on there anyway): Neill and probably Todd are suspended; Nelsen, Zurab, Matteo, and McEveley are struggling against injury. I find it highly unlikely that none of those four will play, but if so, we'll be left with just Gray and Mokoena having regular season senior experience, and youngsters Taylor, Nolan and Kane also available for selection.

If that above injured list can't suit up Wedneday, the starting lineup I would go with is (seriously):





Subs: Brown, Douglas, Gallagher, Bentley, Kuqi

Obviously, I'd love it if Todd's red card got overturned and/or Zurab turns out to be fit. Nolan would be the first from the above team to sit, but after that I'd honestly pull Mokoena to the bench and leave Taylor on instead of putting the Axe at right back. With a reasonably solid backtracker Emerton in front of him, Taylor should do okay... of course, if Gally or Bentley were in front of him, he'd get ripped to shreds for sure, and he might anyway.

Hopefully Hughes is playing his cards close to his chest with respect to Zura's, Matteo's, and McEveley's injuries, because as much as I'd like to see the youngsters given a shot, this is not exactly how I'd envision it.

Who'd have thought... we're praying Matteo comes back to save our defense.

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I apologise for possibly inadvertently misleading people slightly about the contents of Monday's LT. I only got a quick glance at it on the way past.

It didn't mention McEveley as being injured.

Other than that it was as I said. It claimed Neill suspended, Todd possibly so, Nelsen out for another 2 weeks, Zurab unlikely to be fit. Matteo struggling.

Not really crucial unless jay is being considered for a centre half slot.

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Ahhh but then it is crucial Rev... which is pretty sad indeed!

With Nelsen, Zura, and Matteo out, and Neill and likely Todd suspended, Mokoena and McEveley are the only defenders who have played center half at the senior level. Unless Hughes wanted to experiment with Douglas or Reid pairing Mokoena in defense -- or go with the unproven Nolan -- it looks like McEveley would be the most likely to start alongside the Axe.

God help us if something good doesn't happen between now and Wednesday.

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