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[Archived] Todd

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Since nelsen arrived todd has been very frustrating and he more often than not ends up getting sent off for something that he is proven innocent of later.

Him and Nelsen should a fantastic partnership at the back but todd isn't good enough to get in the team at the moment and if dutch arrives then he'll fall further down the pecking order! :rover:

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How could nelsen lead us to our first victory numbnuts? Nelsen won't even be fit to play against Everton. :wstu:

:lol: well done, thenodrog. :tu: about time he was put in his place. wakefieldrawks is an arse. <_<

fantastic news on todd.

i had feared wiley would stand by it. that guy REALLY despises rovers, like the rest of his colleagues.

i refuse to praise wiley, as it was his duty to overturn the ban.

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