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[Archived] Pes 6

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Got it on Xbox 360 and i am very impressed with it, me and my flatmates have been playing it all afternoon. Top game and at £39.99 its a bargain.

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played pes6 on the ps2 at my mates lastnight, thought it was well good, some nice new touches.

i went blackburn and he went spurs, played in the pooring rain and i took a 2-0 lead, liking it lots.

bert mk2 then got sent off and he pulled it back to 2-2! benni then completed his hat-rick to make it 3-2 rovers and and after some terrible defending it was 3-3 and extra time.

tired legs and goal mouth scrambles it was quality though no goals in extra time and pens.

i'll leave it there as i only hit the target once in the shoot out!!!

gamst and benni are blackburns best players on the game imo.

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Good work :tu:

Another Virtual Pint for the trouble

IPB Image

I thought EA were the only people have the full licences - By diddling them like this I hope you dont complain when game prices go up!

(Private joke please dont reply)

Ps fifa 07 is £22.99 at game this weekend only (i bought PES6 anyway)

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Is the option file posted by Kamy for the xbox 360 or the PS2? I need one for the PS2. Cheers

The one I used last night was for the ps2 so i assume that the new one will be

ihatethedingles Posted Today, 13:52

How do i get these option files onto my Xbox 360? Can i use a pen drive and just connect it via the USB sockets.

Not sure about the xbox but here is the ps2 instructions:-


1.Copy file(s) to your PC hard drive. Ensure that they have been extracted from any zip/rar files.

2.Insert Max Drive into a spare USB port on your PC

3.Open the Max Drive Memory Manger software on your PC

4.Send the relevant file(s) to your Max Drive

5.Remove Max Drive & place it in your PS2 USB port.

6.Run the PS2 cd you get with Max Drive.

7.Press at the file & a tick will appear on screen, in the box on the side

8.Uncrush the file to your memory card

Detailed Step By Step Guide:

I had to unzip these files. I then "right clicked" on the max drive option file & went to the "send to.." option. The Max drive (drive F) was an option here, so I sent the file to that.

If you then double click on the Max drive icon on your desktop, on the left h& side you should see the option file that you just downloaded. Take the Max drive out of the usb port & plug it into your PS2.

Insert the PS2 disk that you, hopefully, received into your PS2 & then choose the max drive as your "primary device". Then go to "uncrush" to memory card 1 (or 2, depends on if you have your PS2 memory card in port 1 or 2). Once this is done, reset your PS2 & remove the max drive disk & actual max drive from your PS2 & insert Pro Evo. You should then see an option file load up as normal for the game & thats it!!

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How do i get these option files onto my Xbox 360? Can i use a pen drive and just connect it via the USB sockets.

You can't use these option files for the 360. Check the Pesfan.com forums for the 360 versions. To get them on, you would need a memory card and a memory transfer kit, or one of the gadgets that lets you read the 360 HD on the PC.

There doesn't appear to be much point though as so far they can only update player names. They cannot update Team Names, Kits, Transfers, Stadiums, Boots, Shirt Names, Squad Numbers.

So stick to the PS2 version!

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The ones that i have posted are for the PS2 version.

No point posting ones for the 360 as you can hardly editing anything.

What the hell is going on with the 360 version??????

The mechanics of the game are superb and a massive imporovement - but what the hell is going when you can't:

1. Edit team names and kits

2. Save your goals (when the 360 has it's own hard drive which is a complete waste of time)

3. Choose your home/away kit when playing master league/league/cup mode

Dunno if I'm missing an option menu or something, but it's plain to see they have put a lot of effort into yet again improving the game but I thought the above list would always come as standard on Evo now, I found has disappeared!

<edit> And xbox live doesn't work....

The game itself is a vast improvement whereby you have to think a little but more about your passes/tackles but for gods sake come on - what has happened to these simple features of the game???? Blackburn is a prime example - they now have the correct players names pretty much bang up to date - but the home kit is once again bloody miles out - and the ultimate kick in the proverbial gonads is that you can't edit it?

As you can tell I'm thouroughly cheesed off with this...... :angry::angry::angry::angry:

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Got online with it last night (PS2) No Lag what so ever.

Now, I am not one for reading the instructions but I went in like normal and made a room - a few names popped up which I thought was strange but then it started with 4 of us in there - with no lag what so ever - very impressed.

I found it hard going last night though. At first I didnt think much had changed but it soon becomes apparent that it has. It will take a bit of getting used to but I am loving it

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Haha, that would be awesome. I'd want them to go up if that was true!

As for the XBOX 360 version, it's a quality game but I do miss the editing features and other little things in the game, like choosing kits before a league or cup match. I miss the preset tactcs too. Hopefully they patch it, but i'm not getting my hopes up!

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