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[Archived] Pes5 Option File

Guest Kamy100

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Kammy Question for you,

I know I will kick myself when I am told but can you remind me what I do with the downloaded option file?

I have an Action Replay Max Drive (borrowed) but I cant remember how to get the thing on my PS2 memory card (it has been a year since the last time I did this and sometimes I cant even remember what I did last weekend)

Cheers in advance (hopefully)

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Guest Kamy100

Soory for the delay in replying.

Quick Step by Step Guide:

How do you use a Max-Drive?

(inspired by King Henriks post)

1.Copy file(s) to your PC hard drive. Ensure that they have been extracted from any zip/rar files.

2.Insert Max Drive into a spare USB port on your PC

3.Open the Max Drive Memory Manger software on your PC

4.Send the relevant file(s) to your Max Drive

5.Remove Max Drive & place it in your PS2 USB port.

6.Run the PS2 cd you get with Max Drive.

7.Press at the file & a tick will appear on screen, in the box on the side

8.Uncrush the file to your memory card

Detailed Step By Step Guide:

I had to unzip these files. I then "right clicked" on the max drive option file & went to the "send to.." option. The Max drive (drive F) was an option here, so I sent the file to that.

If you then double click on the Max drive icon on your desktop, on the left h& side you should see the option file that you just downloaded. Take the Max drive out of the usb port & plug it into your PS2.

Insert the PS2 disk that you, hopefully, received into your PS2 & then choose the max drive as your "primary device". Then go to "uncrush" to memory card 1 (or 2, depends on if you have your PS2 memory card in port 1 or 2). Once this is done, reset your PS2 & remove the max drive disk & actual max drive from your PS2 & insert Pro Evo. You should then see an option file load up as normal for the game & thats it!!

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Pity very little else about that option file is accurate! They must have taken our squad list from that silly Times article as Dwight Willen is in there!

There are better files out there

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