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[Archived] Pes5 Option File

Guest Kamy100

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Kammy Question for you,

I know I will kick myself when I am told but can you remind me what I do with the downloaded option file?

I have an Action Replay Max Drive (borrowed) but I cant remember how to get the thing on my PS2 memory card (it has been a year since the last time I did this and sometimes I cant even remember what I did last weekend)

Cheers in advance (hopefully)

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Guest Kamy100

Soory for the delay in replying.

Quick Step by Step Guide:

How do you use a Max-Drive?

(inspired by King Henriks post)

1.Copy file(s) to your PC hard drive. Ensure that they have been extracted from any zip/rar files.

2.Insert Max Drive into a spare USB port on your PC

3.Open the Max Drive Memory Manger software on your PC

4.Send the relevant file(s) to your Max Drive

5.Remove Max Drive & place it in your PS2 USB port.

6.Run the PS2 cd you get with Max Drive.

7.Press at the file & a tick will appear on screen, in the box on the side

8.Uncrush the file to your memory card

Detailed Step By Step Guide:

I had to unzip these files. I then "right clicked" on the max drive option file & went to the "send to.." option. The Max drive (drive F) was an option here, so I sent the file to that.

If you then double click on the Max drive icon on your desktop, on the left h& side you should see the option file that you just downloaded. Take the Max drive out of the usb port & plug it into your PS2.

Insert the PS2 disk that you, hopefully, received into your PS2 & then choose the max drive as your "primary device". Then go to "uncrush" to memory card 1 (or 2, depends on if you have your PS2 memory card in port 1 or 2). Once this is done, reset your PS2 & remove the max drive disk & actual max drive from your PS2 & insert Pro Evo. You should then see an option file load up as normal for the game & thats it!!

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