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[Archived] Fans Friendly Yesterday


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Hey i'd be up for playing, got a great left foot and fitness wouldn't be an issue for me, i've been playing National League 1 basketball on the side since i were 15. Also could add a bit of height to the squad.

Well if you do need some more players i would be more than up for it, i'm going to the game as it is anyway and would love to trounce the Austrians in our backyard :)

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So, who played?

And more importantly, who messed up? :ph34r:

im the dude with the blonde moho

i got 2 of the goals, mushy got the other one

JPW also fired one in, in the wrong net :rolleyes:

i think JPW is going to be organising the home leg and obviously the lads that played on thursday will get first option of playing :tu:

others that played, off top of me head;




manchester blue


cant think of others at this time in morning

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percy and glenn are knocking about on those photos as well.

On this pic - http://www.redbullsalzburg-board.com/board...cmd=si&img=1792

Those I know are :-

Back Row (L->R) : Wiz (I think), Ewood Spark, JPW, Mushy, The Blunderer, DP

Font Row: Manchester Blue, Percy, Ricky and SAS last on the right.

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