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[Archived] Captain?


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I know that Lucas wants away but until he actually goes in January or end of season he is still a Rovers player; and a very good one at that.

If Sparky thinks he's the best for captain then I'll go along with that. After all, Neill is a professional footballer and he'll give 100% every game (as he has already proved).

I just hope that the fans don't boo him. There is no excuse for fans who deride a player in the blue and white halves for whatever reason.

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I didn't watch todays game and I'm only posting because this topic came back to the top of the page, but I think it is disgusting that a player that has reiterated his desire to leave the club, and who will almost certainly leave the club at the end of the season has been given the captaincy for such a prolonged period.

When you're in the mire you need a player a captain that will stand up and kick the crap out of his team until they start playing as if they want to play in the premiership next season. They should also lead by example.

This season I have seen neither from Neill. He might be a quirky and well liked character, but he sure as hell doesn't inspire the team. I'd rather Todd have the captaincy than Neill.

If I had to choose a captain right now, it'd be between Tugay, Savage and Friedel - perhaps the only players that give a ###### about the club.

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Savage may not be the most technically gifted player in the team but he gives his all and thats all i ask of our players. Give him the armband!!

Savage IMO sets the pace for our side, a bit like when we were down before when we had Dickov, they both run about like head-less chickens but it serves as a motivator the rest of the players.

Neill Out Sav In

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MH is not helping Lucas by allowing him to continue as skipper. It only adds credence to anybody wishing to express their dissatisfaction during a game, or provide an excuse for their non attendance. However supporters will have to reconcile themselves with the fact that contracts last for a fixed period of time only and players will then move on for an extra few thousand a week. The supporters do not want to see the honour of captain to be awarded to any such person.

For what it's worth it appears to me that Lucas's commitment and attitude has not been vastly different, but if the boos increase who knows?

Surely the management and Lucas can see the supporters' views and address this?

Lily for skipper until The Admiral returns and may that be very soon please?

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Neill was pathetic on saturday and if i was Hughes i would of took him off at half time.

He doesnt want to play for the club and he doesnt deserve to wear the shirt no more - simple!

Take the armband off him and also stick him in the reserves.

As for new captain - Savage, Ooijer, Friedel! Its a team full of leaders

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