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[Archived] Soccer Am


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when lovejoy and helen come on at the start can you all start chanting "who are ya?"

would be quality!!!

better still - do what we did when we were on 5 years ago and sing 'Burnley fans eat bananas with their feet' all the way through the show!

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You clearly have a different definition of quality than I do.

Anyway, enjoy yourselves and just don't embarrass us too much.

the unusually antagonistic Scotty! :rolleyes:

SAS, hope you break rovers own 'road to wembley' record.

also, ask them when they plan on allowing rovers to do 'the crossbar challenge' or 'team-mates'

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Rovers fans are going on soccer am this weekend

just thought id let you all know, you can look out for me too :rover:

Cool B) Will be watching it.

Enjoy :tu: and don't forget to sing a good song when Helen introduces you.

And don't forget to beware of Lovejoy's schoolboy error when the Soccerette is on!

Anyone else from the board going?

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My P.E teacher went on as a Rovers fan last year and said it was boring, just sitting there for three hours clapping all the time.

Had they never seen the programme before :blink: You either like it and will sit there clapping and laughing because you want too (I should imagine that you would get into it even more if you were on it) or you watch the show, realise its not for you and dont go on and sit at home and watch saturday kitchen or something. Did your PE teacher think they would constantly chat to them throughout the programme?

Dont get me wrong mate, I am not getting at you I just dont know what they thought it would be like :huh:

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