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Get Down To Ewood Tonight!


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Tonight could turn out to be one of the biggest games of our season. We are level in a well balanced game against our Austrian counterparts, the winner gets into the group stage of the UEFA cup and the promise of 4 more European ties. Get yourself down to Ewood Park and cheer the lads on. It's FREE for season ticket holders and only £15 for non season ticket holders. I think the post below from MB Member Superstella sums it all up very well.

What is going on with Rovers fans? Tonight, we play Salzburg in the 1st round of the Uefa Cup, yes the UEFA CUP! Europe! A small town team, in EUROPE! You'd think the ground would be packed to the rafters? We played 38 league games to get this far last season, sweat blood, had some fantastic wins, ups and downs, lows and highs yet some people cannot be bothered make the trip to Ewood Park on a week night to watch their team take on Europe.... why? I even know SEASON TICKET holders who arent going because they 'cant be bothered' and 'would rather watch in the pub'. I've even had a ''fan'' say he would go but his wife thinks it will be ''too cold''. Too cold?! Its hardly Stalingrad in 1942!!!!

Nights like this make me proud to be a Rover; my team competing in Europe.... one of only a few in the whole country. But on the other hand I feel embarrassed and like we dont deserve to be playing in the competition when a measly attendance turn up. We'll be lucky to get 13,000 tonight... pathetic.

A lot of ''fans'' I've heard blame the foreign telly, extortianate prices and home form in the past few years. However, its FREE for season ticket holders and only £15 for a ticket for non-season ticket holders. Hardly a bank-breaker, no matter how skint an average fan may be! Home form also isnt an issue.. we've only lost 3 games in 26.

I really do think that if Rovers sent a taxi to certain fans houses, gave them a 3 course meal in the players lounge, wrapped them up in cotton wool so they arent cold and give them free entrance they still wouldnt go to the game.

It does make you wonder where are club is going, and where it will be in a few years time. I hope the ''fans'' letting us down tonight are ashamed of themselves, and have the grace to accept they played a big part in the downfall. In the meantime, enjoy ''What not to Wear'' on BBC1.

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