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[Archived] Liverpool 1 - 1 Rovers

Jim J

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lucas plays a blinder, I mean out of his skin, personally he is amazing....apart from he isnt working with his fellow defenders. Holes lead to goals

Dodgy keeper......

Liverpool 2 Rovers 2

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So the .biz became .co.uk I see - ah, only gone for a few days then

Since Brad is back for this one, it limits the damage

Battle of Norway...

Liverpool 1 (Riise) Rovers 1 (Pedersen)

I somehow think Ooijer will be sent-off, this time without actually fouling anyone, but the refs won't seem to mind - if only they did the same for that Cannibal bloke on Chelsea too...

but, a cheeky "foul" on Savage will allow MGP's free kick

and Liverpool will squander about 80 chances

I do predict - NO BROKEN LEGS this weekend

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Agger will play anyway. He just got up and played the rest of the game with a broken hand. So he is ready to play if Benitez wants him to... I would prefer Sami to Agger anyday as Agger is really playing well and is full of confidence at the moment

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does anyone know the best way to get to anfield by train

No station close by. Taxi or bus from Lpool Lime St (main, city centre station) or get the 'underground' from Lime St or Central up to Kirkdale and walk from there - about a mile. I've heard there are also buses from Sandhills station (the one before Kirkdale) to Anfield on match days but never used one meself.

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