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[Archived] West Ham United 2-1 Our beloved rovers

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On Sunday the 29th October 2006, the Blackburn Rovers troops and barmy army led by our fearless leader Mark Hughes, take the long trip down south to London's east end, not for a tasty mouth watering pint and a chit chat with peggy mitchell at the vic but for a crunching battle with West Ham United at Upton Park.

Having paid the penalty against Notlob and seen the unbeaten run fly out of the windowin comic capers style, this is the chance to put things back on track against a team who couldn't score in a brothel at present.

With Pardew, the usual smug faced bloke, now looking down the barrell, knowing the trigger is inament if results continue to slide.

WHU, 19th in the premiership, his team playing all over the shop with his argentina captures more concerned with their living arangements rather than taking an interest to affiars on the pitch, he knows he must sort something out fast and stop the rot or the p45 could be on his desk monday morning.

The tv cameras are there, disscussions on a possible take over are floating around, sven could be sniffing around for a new pay cheque and may fancy a hot seat in the premiership and there is even talk about a stadium move, WHU going olympic. Its all happening!

I've managed to get a Q & A session with a well respected West Ham fan, all contacts ;)

He wants to remain anyonomous for security reasons, so he will be known as Mr I. He's been following west Ham for 30 years and can tell a story or 2.

It's all gone tits up for you really, out of Europe at the first hurdle and buddy, the league doesn't lie?

Yeah you could say that, what has ruined us is all the hype. At the start of the season we had a good start, things were looking interesting and then the argentina invasion arrived and we stopped playing football. People went well over the top with those signings and it's like we've lost the plot. Europe was a nightmare, it was a tough draw and they battered us. Palmero are a sound side, they could be a next italian giants and are showing it in Serie A this season. One loss alot of people have forgot about is the injury to Ashton, losing a player of his ability was a big loss but thats crying over spilt milk, he'll be back.

When Tevez and Mascherano arrived on the scene, you must of thought your dreams had come true? Got shattered pretty quick with their lack of form and being on the recieving end of some pastings. There was talk of you challenging for the premiership, were they having a laugh? you know 2 players don't make a team?

i was shocked when they signed, i think everyone throughout the land was. The talk of us winning the league was a bubble and it popped. There was so much media hype and it's blown up in our faces. They are world class players, wheather they are here in January or not is pot luck but they will come good for us once they have settled.

Form is temprary, class is permanent yeah?

yeah something like that.

Pardew, you think he's finished?

If we keep having defeats, the conclusion is easy. Personally i've never liked the guy, promotion and some of the success last season may have turned a few more fans in his favour but alot of us including myself have wanted him out from the start. He was never the right choice.

It looks like you may have new owners soon?

If they can take the club to the next step i'm alright with it, we've got money bags chelski accross London and the biggest library in the world has opened this season up north didn't you know. Every fan at every club wants success and better players at their club so if they have the ready, we can have the goods.

Rumour has it you could be moving house and going olympic?

yeah there is talk of it, i know tottenham rejected the idea. it would be a bigger stadium, crowds and better facilities but i don't fancy sitting a million miles away from the action because they are bound to have a ******* running track around the pitch, something like turin it would be and there would be a set of binoculars with every seat. I like Upton Park, it has so many memories with bobby moore, trevor brooking playing there and a great tradition. You sit right next to the pitch, can see the action close up and the atmosphere in full voice is buzzing. The idea of moving will upset alot of people, the reason for it is money and business. It's not until 2012 and the staduim hasn't been built yet so we will have to wait and see, its a long way down the road.

Who should we fear on Sunday?

To be honest everybody, things are so bad there is a rush of blood even when taking kick-off, so anyone can be a threat. Zamora has banged in a few this season and then he was rotated and hasn't scored since being back in the side. Our captain reo-coaker is quality, i think some of the transfer rumours has affected his form but he needs to get a grip. Tevez may fancy it, with the live cameras there im sure he will want to impress with his talent.

Your opinion on the Rovers?

The ammount of yamma that comes from your chatter box is unreal, small town in europe, again!! you love that don't you!

Well played on making it through though and you made a good start in the groups, congratulations are in order. Your manager Mark Hughes has worked miricles at Ewood, every season he finds ways of getting the best of of his players and he done well in the transfer market. Benni was a steal with the price you paid for him, he looks a class act and i know we had interest in him but we didn't go back like you. Tugay and pedersen are players i like, they can pass the ball and score great goals. i think a top 6 place would be success for you and maybe a cup, u.e.f.a is a possibility.

Prediction for the match?

i'm going for a draw 1-1, benni and tevez to score.

thanks mr I for your input, a jolly nice bloke really!

We have not been to successful at Upton Park on recent visits, a 3-1 opening day defeat last season and also dumped out of the F.A Cup 4-2.

The game i remember the most between the 2 sides was at Ewood when we won 7-1 on the 14/10/2001.

happy days!

Recent Form:

Rovers: w,d,l

West ham: l,l,l

Top Scorers:

Rovers: benni 6, bentley 3

West ham: zamora 5, cole 1

League Table: pos...pld...w...d...l...pts


West ham......19th....9....1...2...6...5

Hopefully there could be some changes to our first 11 on Wednesday to give a few players a break, give a few of our youth a run. its busy days at Rovers with Europe n all, theres been alot of games and we need to make use of our squad. With nelsen and reid out for sure i think the team picks its self:


bert mk2 zurab ooijer neill

bentley tugay savage gamst

benni nonda

subs: brown, roberts, peter, axe, gallagher.

Hughes and the troops will have a plan, west ham will be nervous wrecks and there is o better time to come visiting to upton park. If we play the football i've seen recently and grab a goal early, they will be exposed, the fans will be on their back and it will be a walk in the park.

Sounds easy and should be.

For the optomistic fan who dreams of that champions league place, these are the games we need maximum points from, we need to kick them when they are down.

i'm going for 4-0 Rovers, benni to run riot, gamst to find his goal scoring boots, tugay to master the midfield and our defenders to have an easy afternoon and take in the sights of london.

if we get a penalty i expect a que of players fighting to take it after some serious training on the subject this week.

pardew to be in the jobcentre first thing monday morning.

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looks like savage is susspended too, my mistake.

the axe will probably fill in.

Why did you write that twice?

Why did you write that twice?

Great preview, well done son. :tu:

EDIT: now you've made my post look stupid and non-sensical.

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Why did you write that twice?

Why did you write that twice?

Great preview, well done son. :tu:

EDIT: now you've made my post look stupid and non-sensical.

cpu is playing up big stlye, it will be going through the window if it doesn't start behaving :angry:

thanks buddy for your comment on my preview though :)

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It's all gone tits up for you really, out of Europe at the first hurdle and buddy, the league doesn't lie?:lol:

Presty, a career in the diplomatic service awaits.


JP - Darn good post. Thank you.

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Isn't Upton a bogie ground for us? And also despite us being so hard to beat under Hughes were always the team to play when you need to break a duck, so like many others despite them not scoring for over 11 hours:

West Ham 2

Tevez, Harewood

Rovers 1


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This will either be a thumping win for Rovers totally demoralising the WHammers or we'll get beaten.

We have the forwards to do the damage but without Savage I think the midfield won't have enough posession to make things happen and the West Ham midfield and forwards will discover there is fun inlife after all.

West Ham 3 Rovers 1- we'll need to get a two goal cushion to avoid defeat.

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Isn't Upton a bogie ground for us?

It is. Have been there at least half a dozen time and we have lost every time.

(Including the season they went down and couldn't win at home).

I was hoping if we could manage a win against Bolton at the weekend then we were on course to beat another bogie fixture, but since we lost I am less optomistic.

Still... we can't keep losing to them, can we? surely? :unsure:

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We have all followed rovers long enough to know that we are heading for defeat. WH haven't scored in almost 700mins of play neither have the argies and they haven't won since opening day and upton park is just one of those grounds.

None the less the following week we will smash the other claret and blue unbeaten start to the season.

Thats what following rovers does to you. We have always done things the hard way.

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As per most on here we can all see it on the cards ... similar to when they went down last time and we ended their losing streak with a certain ex hammer chomper notching.

The Notlob result didn't help and neither will Savage not being available. - and the possibility of us getting beaten by the Russian Invaders again

Add this to the Wham cup game against Chestrfield which I feel they will win and could be their turning point for the season and it all points to being the wrong time for us.

However, this team would appear to have more resilience than Rovers of old, so cut out the keystone capers of the weekend and we have to feel confident going into the game.

In agreement with Philipl re the thump or be thumped scenario but will wait on the Chelski result before predicting a score.

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