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[Archived] The Nancy Boys Are Coming


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I would go with:


Neill - Ooijer - Todd - Gray

Bentley - Tugay - Savage - Peter

Derbyshire - Beni

2 - 0 to Rovers

Crowd a little over 11,000

I think they'll be more than 11,000 , well just about anyway.

Come On Rovers, I reckon 2-1 (Derbyshire & Pedersen)

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Tricky one. On the surface it doesn't mean too much, but the last thing we need just now is another defeat. And on the other hand, putting out as full a team as we can and telling them to go hell for leather probably isn't the smartest move either, with regards to injuries.

Take it as it comes I suppose, but obviously we want to be finishing as high in the table as possible (you can thank me for that breathtaking insight anytime).

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