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[Archived] Ewood Park

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One thing I'd suggest is replacing the red sections of seating with blue and doing away with the 'ROVERS' writing. The present seating colour combination looks outdated and a bit tacky.

Or possibly move the front railings/boards back a few yards to make the gap at the front smaller. It looks like a public footpath on TV.

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When the new Riverside opened in the early 90's, was it not originally terraced for a while (certainly its lower half)? If a back-to-basics terrace cannot be contemplated (I know...Taylor report, blah, blah, Hillsborough, blah, blah, Health & Safety blah, blah) why not import those Wisla fans and their big flag (appropriately Roverified of course) to populate it.

Why not get flare firers, klaxon sounders and banner wavers in there to beef up the visual spectacle for the all important TV viewer (give the drummers a few months off)?

The front concourse is the major way in and out for those on the Riverside at the moment so it cannot really be made narrower on aesthetic grounds.

Whatever, the R O V E R S lettering does need to be sorted (made bolder, with a hint of 3-d shading perhaps).

The corner filled in - nonstarter. A ground move - and have Jack turning in his grave - complete nonsense.

There are a lot of cheap sensible things that can be done to Ewood Park to make the supporting experience and atmosphere better - just use a bit of imagination (and your vocal chords and palms of your hands) starting this Saturday v Man Utd.

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There's no point whatsoever in ever moving from Ewood. Three sides are excellent with wonderful facilities.

I'd love to see the Riverside changed into terracing but it isn't going to happen. If it did I'd go there as I still like standing for games and I've been to quite a few grounds in the last few years to be able to do so.

It won't even be discussed seriously while we are in the Prem though, so don't get your hopes up. :rover:

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Jaypers, why eat him alive becuase he mentioned that BLackburn has a large foreign population that could increase gates at rovers! Certainly Japan and Korea are into football in a big way, and even countries like Iran had decent following at the World Cup.

The trick is to figure out what would make them interested. I know here in Ireland the majority of immigrants are in lower paying jobs, but the lower prices thing doesn't seem to be working in interesting them. Something that nearly always works is the high profile signing of a player of the same ethnicity or nationality, although this may not be practical (although perhaps the signing of Wael Gomaa could work towards this). Many of these people might already support a team, probably ManU (they're very popular in the far east). We'll see this weekend!

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