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Love or hate Manchester United, you have to give Sir Alex credit for remaining at the helm of a club that is undoubtedly the biggest club in the world.

Job security at any company is based on the ability of the employee to undertake duties that ensures the success and profit of the employer. The fact that Sir Alex has retained his job at Unit for 20 years is testament for the success that he has achieved, which on last count was 26 trophies.

It may be argued that he has had the financial backing to achieve that success; however Sir Alex has over the years built a number of teams and continued the success, not only through the transfer market but also by developing talent from within their own ranks.

Other managers have had financial backing and have failed to achieve a fraction of Sir Alex's success; in fact many have been total disasters despite the backing of their board.

During Rovers glory days in the mid nineties, the media loved to accuse Rovers of having bought success, very few gave credit due to the managerial and coaching abilities of Daglish and Hartford. When their partnership broke up, Jack Walker still pumped money into the club, yet Hodson and Kidd couldn't bring back the glory days and Kidd eventually took the Rovers down.

Whilst Souness brought back some success to the club, with promotion and a Worthington Cup victory' there never appeared to be the same harmony or team spirit, which eventually resulted in the loss of the crown jewels of Duff and Dunn developed from the academy started during the reign of Daglish and Hartford.

On Saturday Sir Alex brings his troupes to Ewood, to play against a team assembled by the United heir apparent, Mark Hughes. A team that once again play for one another, showing a resolve to overcome adversity and visually indicate camaraderie and a passion to win for the manager and fans alike.

Some supporters may dispute that comment, due to Lucas Neill's refusal to sign a new contract, however his commitment and performances on the field of play this season cannot be disputed. Who in any occupation would not want to reach the highest level of their chosen career path ?

With the gates that Rovers get, there is no way anyone could argue that Rovers would the ultimate achievement of any player wanting to reach the highest goal in their chosen career.

The lure of a big club is going to sway any player or manager. That is why I personally hope Sir Alex retains the United hot seat for another 20 years, for otherwise Rovers could easily loose Hughes before he finalises the resurrection of Rovers as a force in British football.

Hughes's pedigree as the heir apparent must have been noted in the Old Trafford boardroom last season after he master minded the double over United, with David Bentley being the first player to score a hat trick against United in the premiership.

When I left Ewood after that win last season I'd lost my voice and virtually floated down Bolton Road to the car park, this time it could be oh so different. With United having lost mid week to Southend, Rovers will need to be on their guard, for they could be the whipping boys as United seek revenge not only because of that defeat but also for last seasons double win by Rovers.

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