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Several people have commented BRISA has been very quiet of late. This is true and it's something I, personally, am very aware of. Just a quick update as I don't have web access at home at present, just a sad, whimpering pile of metal and cables in the corner I won't be replying on here any sooner than Monday next.

Newsletter - everyone should receive a newsletter by e-mail right now. If you don't get a copy it means we don't have your e-mail address or it is incorrect. Please e-mail us on admin@brisa.org.uk and we will sort this ASAP.

BRISA has a meeting with the club on Monday and there is a committee meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 20th November at The Fernhurst.

We are continuing to work hard, there are reasons why BRISA has been quiet, and when we have resolved those issues we will be very happy to talk to anyone about them. Basically it's called growing pains. Please bear with us, a small and dedicated band are doing their best.

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