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[Archived] Congratulations To Newcastle United

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Many of us on here are a bitter bunch at times...we don't like to acknowledge the deserved and glorious success of other teams. However on this occasion I must say well done to The Toon...you deserve it.

It's been 32 years since their last silverware but they will very shortly be presented with their latest and much awaited trophy...

The Intertoto Cup.

True they got through it in the Summer but I can only presume that the competition is so important that they need time to fashion and appropriate monument to such success. It is their first trophy since the 1969 Fairs Cup which they qualified for being finish 10th in the league and being a city - you could have one team per city in those days so a number of clubs above them missed out as did town teams. Who wouldn't want to win a "competition" as restrictive as that?

The Intertoto is an important competition and is being taken so by Glenn Roeder who related his joy and pride at the huge success. ""We will be very happy to receive it," said Roeder. "It would be disrespectful to consider it a lesser tournament, as some managers do."

Quite true that it should not be taken as a lesser competition as it is hard to win. In fact so difficult is it that ONLY three teams have been winning it every single damn year before this.

Newcastle had to beat some of Europe's finest teams on their way to such a reward...culminating in the two-leg final victory over the Norwegian giants Lillestrom; a result that sent shockwaves throughout Europe.

Last week some Newcastle fans - ' The Greatest Fans In The World Ever' TM - suggested that Rovers are a bunch of thugs and always kick out when playing "the big clubs". With this success we have to hold up our hands and say they are correct. Newcastle are BIG. Newcastle are a success.

So congratulations to the 'Toon Army'...here's to another 37 years until your next MAJOR trophy.


BBC TODAY - Newcastle To Lift Intertoto Cup

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The country's biggest club, the country's largest fan base and the most impressively run outfit in the Premiership can be proud of at last winning more than the wooden spoon :lol:

the intertoto champions has definately got a ring about it when linked to the bar codes fc :o

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The Greatest Fans in the world!

No-one seems to remember they averaged less than 20,000 in the early 90's before Keegan arrived. :o

is that true (about their average)???....... its funny when u talk to geordie fans they wont let you leave without them telling you that they are the biggest club in england...although...i thought st james was always like that....did they re-develop it then??.....all i can remember is andy cole scoring some cracking goals in a complete stadium..............

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