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[Archived] Last Night on Telly I Watched.....

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Mock the Week on Thursdays

I can't remember ever watching a show and thinking that it was less funny. I think it takes an awful lot of talent to put a group of 7 people together and to produce virtually no funny moments every show. It is a horrible attempt at a news quiz, with it being a mix of who's line is it anyway, they think it's all over and have I got news for you. I watch it every week, not because it is good, but because it is actually so poor that I find it rather entertaining to watch.

QI, on the other hand, is excellent.

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Mock the Week....hmmm, yeah...i agree with Eddie. John Culshaw is a bit cringe-worthy, but it`s good to see that guy out of the Proclaimers doing ok in his new comedy career! ;)

QI....excellent :tu:

Extras....have only seen the odd episode, but caught the BAFTA`s one the other night & thought it was hilarious...especially the Ronnie Corbett snorting cocaine in the bogs scene. :D

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QI series 4. Second installement on BBC2 tonight, followed by third on BBC4. Best laugh of the week.

Yes I saw it a few days ago with Vic Reeves, who should, along with Bob Mortimer be declared Gods. Absolutely brilliant. Mock the Week is one I like, but I have never watched Extras. I don't go for Gervais' sitcoms, but I like his stand up. The reverse is true for Peter Kay.

Saw that programme Stephen Fry did on manic depresseion that was very interesting.

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Mock the Week is one I like

I also like this however, there is one bloke that seems to be on everyweek that I find really anoying. He is a proper londoner with a bald head and everytime he opens his mouth I just cringe.

It might just be me but I think there is something really stange about him.

Here is a link to him - Click

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Sore subject for you guys?

OK tellys a little poor, so I could have spent time browsing the internet. With a beautiful girlfriend.....Dont think so!!

Remember that idiot who was on here a couple of years ago after an away game at Norwich (in which he and his chav mates had caused all sorts of trouble)? He was always harping on about how fit his girlfriend was.

Believe it or not I have no interest whatsoever in the sex lives of the various members of the messageboard. I doubt very many of us do... I hope. :huh:

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