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[Archived] Leverkusen At Home


TV money v KO Time  

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  1. 1. What are your views on the Leverkusen 6pm KO

    • I understand the club's logic and will be going
    • I understand the club's logic but the KO time prevents me from going
    • I'll be taking time off work to attend and don't like this
    • I'm annoyed with the club, the fans shoud come first

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Where's the free stretched limo to ensure everyone gets there on time?


You know, - there's something about your username that unsettles me. Could you not have chosen something a bit easier on the nerves, maybe "very relaxed and happy", or something like that.

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Doesn't matter if it's free if nobody can get there on time! Not everybody lives in bloody Blackbun. They better not have moved it to that KO time just for TV!


That is indeed true. For example, I've a 100 mile round trip to the match, as with any home fixture. And thankfully I can work flexi and get to Ewood for 1800 on a mid week game.

Yes, it won't be ideal for everyone, but a standard 1945 isn't either - especially when the game could go to extra time and penalties. I'd certainly be happier getting home at 2200 than midnight; I guess for locals with kids it's better to be home for 2100 than 2300?

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Sorry - I should have read the article first!!

I'm well annoyed. Gav - I've got to disagree with you there. Making the match free to season ticket holders is just a token gesture IMO. They're taking the TV money without considering the fans. I understand its a business but this really is ridiculous. Saturday 12.45 and 5pm KO's are bad but this is just plain stupid. I can just see the headlines in all the London biased red tops now - Little $hity Blackburn give tickets away and still can't get more than 10k fans in. This is poor. :angry:

I live in Birmingham and travel up for every home match at large expence. Midweek matches are difficult but I go into work an hour early and finish at 4pm. I can just get up in time. I don't have a hope in hell of getting up for this match.

Can you tell I'm annoyed yet? : :angry::angry:

One more for good measure :angry:

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Can it do anymore?

How about some hot mulled wine at half-time?

I'm pleased, I'll be there, well I would have been anyway but it's a good gesture. I feel for those who have to travel a distance but I suspect the club have received a good offer on the TV revenue and something has to be used to subsidise all the cheap ticket offers.

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Thats all fine by me :) The club have obviously had a look at things and weighed up the pro's & con's...

7:45 KO - Gate of 15k/16k or 6:00 KO - Gate of 12k (Is that reasonable?) - The difference that can be made in revenue from ticket sales will be vastly outweighed by TV money and so they've made the decision.

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The only good thing with the 6pm kick off is that I might actually be able to get a train back to London the night of the game, rather than taking the following morning off work as well.

In reality, it is ridiculous... can you imagine the traffic in rush hour!?!

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Well done to the club for free tickets! But the 6pm kick off time is poor, working in Manchester till gone 5, makes it very difficult. For the last European games, I have taken 2 colleagues, they were interested in going but can't now. Also a friend and a family member who due distance will probably not bother. So potentially 1 season ticket holder missing the start of the game and 4 others unable to due to the KO time. What can you say!

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Another fantastic offer by the club, I'm starting to feel sorry for them as they can't do anymore but the public just won't back the team......... :(

All I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU ROVERS!......kids for £1 too :o

But I feel like I'm robbing my own club,I would have happily paid £15 for the privilege if that had been the set price for all.

All set for British Eurosport coverage folk of Blackburn? :angry:

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well done to the club for rewarding the season ticket holders.

Lukily I already had the day booked off work as I booked all the rounds off incase we were away. Its lucky I went on the net tonight as I was going to cancel my holiday tomorrow and finish at 6.

Tempted to get the train through and go out on the lash!

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