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[Archived] Manchester City 0 Rovers 3


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It’s a strange thing this football supporting malarky. I’ve lived in Manchester for years and still do the 60 mile round trip to Ewood for every home match.

There is Manchester United who I hate with a passion ever since we won the Prem back in 1995 and I was greeted with nothing but sour rotten grapes rather than congratulations from their arrogent, overbearing, glory-loving fans.

Then there is Manchester City………….

Overshadowed by the Red Scum for years. The club dropped to to old division two a while back but bounced back from playing Macclesfield and Lincoln and Northampton Town are now back in the Prem. I suppose that we, as Rovers fans, can empathise to a degree as not too long ago we were playing Grimsby on a wet Wednesday evening.

Let’s have a look at City’s manager, here’s a quote from Stuart Pearce on 23rd September 2006

"It's difficult to tell a seven-year-old (his daughter), 'This is the Premiership, and I'm known as Psycho'" - Stuart Pearce explains why a cuddly toy horse called Beanie was positioned just in front of the Manchester City dugout for the match with West Ham.

They won 2-0

That was just a few days after they came up to Ewood on 17th September and we beat them 4-2 and Pearce’s position was looking a bit bleak. He was in the firing line along with Pardew & Dowie.

After West Ham they got totally stuffed 4-0 by Wigan.

"Beanie has been gelded. I did it after the defeat last week, because a 4-0 defeat is not very lucky"

Certainly not very lucky for Beany to have his knackers chopped off. But, as just a cuddly toy horse, it probably was not too much of a problem

Just continuing the Pearce link, he has gone on the record to say that if he ever gets the boot at City then he won’t be banging on for compensation. I bet Fat Freddy wished he had hired Pearce instead of Souness.

And a bit more on Psycho…..

Thenodrog linked this a few weeks back on Pearce’s comments on players’ diving after the Manchester derby.

“Even so, it was the defeated manager, Stuart Pearce, who delivered the most impressive message of all after seeing his Italian striker Bernardo Corradi dismissed by the referee, Graham Poll, for collecting two yellow cards, the second for a dive outrageous even by the standards that are mostly accepted with shrugs of resignation.

Pearce immediately backed Poll's decision. Then later, he made a declaration of managerial honesty that in all the recent circumstances sparkled like a jewel.

He said: "I was asked a question and I gave an honest answer. Did he go down cheaply? Yes he did. Will I talk to him during the week? Yes I will. I prefer him to stay on his feet. I won't fine him but I will educate him. Other managers can handle themselves as they wish. The players of Manchester City know I back them to the hilt but if I get a question about what I've seen with my own eyes, there is no point in buttering it up.”

“Other managers can handle themselves as they wish…”

So you can stick that up your collective passages, Mr. Prememiership managers. We all know who you are.

The other notable bit of City’s season has been Joey Barton baring his arse to a bunch of Toffees at Goodison after they gave him 90 minutes of abuse because his brother has been banged up for murder.

I know of a number of straight females and gay males who have been mentally warming their hands and reaching for the talcum powder at the sight of Joey’s bottom. Lucky boy!

Onward to the “The Manchester City Winter 2006-2007 Diary”

18th December

City 1 – Spuds 2

“Stuart Pearce said Manchester City supporters had every right to turn against his side during their dismal first-half performance in yesterday's defeat.

One furious fan sought to scale the barrier behind the City dug-out and confront Pearce after Tottenham Hotspur's second goal before he was led away down the touchline by police. "I knew somebody was shouting. I thought it was my wife," said the City manager.”

23rd December

City 0 – Notlob 2

“For City this was another one of those frustrating days when their fans fear that Pearce - who is hugely liked here -is not the right man for a difficult job, and that if they are not careful the new year could herald an unpleasant few months fighting relegation.

Nobody feels the fans' pain more than Joey Barton, who can always be relied on to throw himself wholeheartedly into the cause whatever the occasion. Unfortunately, he demonstrated what a fine line when, in the 87th minute, he was sent off for a late two-footed challenge on Abdoulaye Faye, which fortunately did no damage. Except perhaps to Barton's chances of an England call-up. “ Both the Notlob goals were scored by The Incredible Sulk on his return to COMS, which must have been doubly annoying for the City fans as his time therewas characterized by his ability to be incredibly useless.

26th December

Sheffield United 0 – City 1

Pearce was not so happy with Ireland's (the goal scorer) team-mates. Having arrived with an attacking 3-5-2 formation, City spent much of the afternoon defending in numbers. "I was pleased with our resilience but not pleased with the performance and I've told all the players that," he said. "The players showed a resilience to scrap and that's what got us a result."

Neil Warnock took the defeat in his usual calm & graceful manner.

30th December

West Ham 0 – City 1

On the same day that we had our wet and windy game against Boro, City went to The Boleyn Stadium where they put another nail in West Ham’s coffin. The goal was scored in the 83th minute by the unusually named DaMarcus Beasley, an American midfielder on loan from PSV Eindhoven. Still, beating West Ham this season is no big deal is it?

1st January

City 2 – Everton 1

Hey up! Three straight wins, City are looking quite good at the moment. Georgios Samaras scored both. The second was a penalty but the first was “a charge, starting 40 yards from goal and taking out two Everton defenders in the process, that led to him turning in Darius Vassell's cross for a 1-0 lead.” Still, three straight wins is, at the time of writing, just what we have completed.

7th January

Wednesday 1 – City 1

A bit of a lucky result by all accounts as City went ahead in the FA Cup tie with a penalty & almost immediately conceded the equalizer. Good news for Rovers as the replay is scheduled for Wednesday 17th just 3 days before our game against them.

13th January

Bolton 0 – 0 City

“Joey (sweet cheeks) Barton wasted a glorious chance to secure Manchester City's fourth straight win as a Lancashire derby ended in a 0-0 draw at The Reebok. Midfielder Barton summed up an uninspiring afternoon when he somehow contrived to poke his 69th-minute chance into the side-netting from point-blank range. This was the game that perhaps needs remembering for the future as City fans boycotted the game due to Bolton charging them £36 for a ticket. There were hundreds of empty seats where the City fans should have been. Good on you City fans, about time the fans started a bit of a backlash.


The game has to be more entertaining that the complete snore draw at The COMS stadium last year when neither side actually had a shot on target. At least I didn’t have to do a 60 mile trip for that one.

Now there is a rule for this thread and this rule is:

If you post a guess at the score, and/or the goal scorers, and/or what times the goals are scored and/or the attendance, it means that you must have looked at the link below, printed it out in full colour, and pinned it on your bedroom wall, and promise to leave it there for at least a week. I may offer a small prize for the best reply when someone asks you “Why have you got that on the wall?”


Happy predicting everyone

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After the Arsenal no-show, this is a season-defining game. Was the period up to Christmas the real Rovers or the bit from Boxing Day onwards the pointer for the rest of the season?

City probably feel the same way about this one.

1-1 and no prediction about who will be playing for Rovers.

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Good work Colin...for some one of your age. Going to Heathcotes for lunch, then a couuple of port and lemons in town before the sleep at tea time.

4-0 to Rovers.

Still have not mentally got over the last match at Maine Road, when after leading 2-0 we surrendered like girls to goals from Goater and Anelka. Felt sick for a week after that, and I cannot blame it all on the curry from Rusholme either.

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Still have not mentally got over the last match at Maine Road, when after leading 2-0 we surrendered like girls to goals from Goater and Anelka. Felt sick for a week after that, and I cannot blame it all on the curry from Rusholme either.

Conceding 2 goals to a team down to 10 men, would you Adam and Eve it? Could have been worse though - went to Rovers at Maine Rd in the early 90s (93?) where if memory serves we went 2-0 up only to lose 3-2 thanks to a dodgy penalty.

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i can't decide whethere to go to this game

£14 ticket + £7 coach could be put towards a new pair of shoes

Everton and Wigan have let me with little to no money

I think this will be a draw, 1-1 for me

SHOES?? SHOES?? Eeeeeeeeee when I wer a lad, we made do wi.............................

Get to city mate, you know it makes sense ;)

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