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[Archived] Blackburn Rovers 0 Bayer Leverkusen 0


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still remember me and yorkblues riding it out to the end in poland with some crazy polish guy chatting @#/? to us, long after jordan was kicked out for falling asleep haha

good old shandy jordan and little roy hodgson at the airport and he told us kuqi is not a 2mil player

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i still remember me and yorkblues riding it out to the end in poland with some crazy polish guy chatting @#/? to us, long after jordan was kicked out for falling asleep haha

did he get kicked out?

I just remember mattyblue's dad having to push him up the stairs out of the pub.

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now that I have had time to reflect on the game a few thoughts.

For me if a team play a 4-5-1, then we should of played a 3-5-2. often we had three or four players marking there one forward player. This would of meant that we could have win the battle ofthe midfield.

However at the end of the day, teams that win games, take there chances, and we did not.

Bear in mind that half our side is out and that a number of key players are only just match fit, we have done well.

Agree with both points, the players out - Ooijer, Savage and Reid would have been highly useful and it was their type of game in both matches vs leverkusen.

As for 3-5-2 that was one of Souness' good tactics, doing that in the 1st division vs teams who came to ewood to defend. A similar approach tonight would have worked wonders. Mind you with our injuries it'd have been hard to do and we'd still have been lacking a midfield enforcer. We couold have moved emerton to right mid and put bentley in the centre. Also I feel hughes should have thrown on roberts earlier too.

Other negatives were as stated there were too many players missing tonight and the ref was dire. you'd have thought being from la liga he'd have been used to theatrics. Incidently in the summer we should get rid of Nonda, Jeffers and Gally and uses the wages to get in a top class partner for Benni. A second top class forward and we'd have won today. Nonda and Roberts are far too inconsistent and miss too many chances (although benni is far from blameless too).

Am really gutted as we should be in the next round. We've only ourselves to blame. Hopefully this will spur the lads on rather than shatter their moral.

On the plus side pedersen and nelsen were excellent and didn't deserve to be on the loosing team. Both imo along with bentley are top class players capable at playing at a higher level. Hopefully they'll lead us in to europe next season for some more cracking midweek games.

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In 30-odd years of watching professional football that is without a doubt the worst refereeing performance I've ever seen. It was either downright incompetence or something more sinister.

The Bayer players realised they could get away with anything because of the ref and promptly did so. For example, the no. 25 was at most 5 yards away from the free-kick at EVERY single kick, cos he waited for the ref to turn away, walked forward 2 steps and then 2 more as Bentley/Pedersen ran to take the kicks. At one point the ref even told him to go back and he just ignored the ref, who then walked away! As for the fracas at the end, I think it was Ramelow who started it. The ref booked the wrong players. It was frankly an embarrassment, but in true FA/UEFA style nothing will happen to the ref because it ain't a G14 club.

As a shareholder of the Football Association I felt compelled to send off an E-mail to UEFA advising them of the poor standard of officials in Alberto Undiano Mallenco, Fermain Martinez Ibanez and Ramon Hernandez Hernandez. Probably won't get anywhere but I felt better after advising UEFA of the shortcomings.of these three clowns.I only hope the UEFA officials at the game saw the officials as bad as the 24,000 Rovers supporters did

You never saw George Courtney then?


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Just thought I would share this with you lot but I try and collect Pennants and Scarves from my European trips however in Leverkusen I did not get a chance to vist the club shop (bit too drunk before the game). I atempted to purchase some things OnLine HERE but had some diffictultes. Therefore I sent them a fax requesting for them to send some things to me in the post. I sent the fax on Wednesday afternoon and by Friday afternoon my stuff had arrived. They charged me €20.00 for the posting but it was well worth it. They also sent me a match programme.

If anyone wants anything then their fax number is 0049 214 866 0119 and telephone number is 0049 1805 04 04 04. They are extremely helpful just make sure you put your contact number and credit card information on the fax.

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