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[Archived] F.a. Cup Semi Finals

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A quick look at the millenium stadium website seems to confirm what most think, that the semi finals, will NOT be held there! My feeling is that if Chelsea/Tottenham draw Watford then the Emirates will come into use and if not it will be Old Trafford and Villa Park as it should be!

Isn't it wonderful that the F.A. care so much about the tradition of the F.A. Cup that they now have the draw on a Monday at half past one just as it used to, (mmm isn't this the same FA Cup thats biggest games rarely take place on a Saturday at 3?) in truth it is an annoying inconvenience that means most people miss it!!

Seen as Boro and Spurs couldn't see the jobs through we'll just have to hope that our ball is stuck in between the United and Chelsea balls and the heat transfers to ours oops I mean that we miss them both :rolleyes:

Either way it looks as though United will now get through with Spurs' best chance also probably behind them after leading 3-1 and missing a great chance to make it 4, that said if your going to win the worlds greatest club cup competition, your going to have to beat the best of which there is little doubt United and Chelsea are.

Roll on the semi's, I keep saying I just want to get to Wembley, but if/when you get there, its all about enjoying the day and I aint gonna enjoy getting beat!!

just to wet the appitite...


1. Middlesborough or Manchester United

2. Blackburn Rovers

3. Chelsea or Tottenham Hotspur

4. Watford

All for a place here...nw246c.jpg

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Having the semis on neutral grounds is brilliant.

It makes sense for obvious reasons, and having only the final at Wembley is what makes the FA Cup special.

Unfortunately, the semis will also be at Wembley next season.

Yet more erosion of what made the FA Cup so magical and special.

££££££££££££££££££££££. Ah f*** it.

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Watford will obviously be the best option. Then Boro, if they somehow manage to get past United. There isn't a big difference between Spurs and Chelski to me, both will be equally as tough. The worst will be ManUnited, it's the only one I really don't see us going past.

On a different point, if we get to the final I'm not sure who we'd want to face. If we get Chelski or ManUn then the european spot is guaranteed for both teams regardless of who wins, if there hasn't been a change. If we get someone else then chances for winning the cup increase, but then indeed only the winner will get UEFA football.

We've proven that we can produce the big results though, whoever we get we just need to continue playing like we can.

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desperately hoping for watford, but if not..then i dunno which of the two i'd rather have. boro/man u - we'll almost certainly face man u, but we play better against them than against chelski. but if we get chelski/spurs, then spurs have more of a chance of turning chelsea over at white hart lane. hmm...

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It is absolutely nailed on:

Chelsea/Spurs vs. Watford

or Man. Utd./M'boro vs. Watford

There is no chance and I mean no chance we will get Watford - these things juts don't happen.

First final at the new Wembley the F.A don't want Rovers or Watford there, they want the dream final. If we get Watford I will be very suprised.

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If the draw works out right,then it could be heading for a Spurs v Rovers final, part 2.

I'm calling on all my football gods to get Watford,today.

Just getting to Wembley for an F.A.Cup would be brilliant ,we've waited since 1960,and that's even before my time.

Nice to hear the old song back yesterday.

"We're on our way to Wembley, we shall not be moved"

All we want to hear now ,is.

"So, now your going to believe us........................" B)

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I wonder if Ray Clemence is being briefed by the FA on the draw right now..."Right Ray, the hot balls are Man Utd and Chelsea so whatever you do, don't pick out 2 hot balls together or else our nice payday for our showpiece final will be ruined by the upstarts from deep dark East Lancashire. How dare they get to the semi finals!"

Am I paranoid? Well I'll eat my hat if Manure and Chels are drawn together!

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