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[Archived] Tugay T-shirt Anyone?

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there was 4 of us with t-shirts on and had lots of interest in them and people shouting 'TUGAY, TUGAY' at us!

Great shirts, cheers.

my housemates have great fun with saying "too gay" about the t-shirt. :rolleyes: The poor scum supporters doesn't know how to appriciate a true football genuis

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I told you guys I was going home, thought you went with Simon? seem to remember him talking about a spare bed at one of the hotel rooms he had booked?

Yeah we had a free bed but no-one took it.

Managed to get my phone and then made it back to the accommodation and had a few more beers and gave plenty a wee bit of abuse to the Chelsea contingent in the bar. However there was one couple who took seats at our table and all I can remember is yer man's woman going off on one. I asked him a question with reference to Chelsea and she broke down, saying that I was so disrespectful that I never asked her. Said I was a sexist pig and held me to the impression that 'women knew nothing about football'. Hit the sack shortly after 3:00am and up an hour and a half later to head to the airport.

Stu - Have you any left from the original batch? I will take a large if any remain, or I'll wait for the next lot if you decide to go ahead. Cheers pal. :brfc:

Indeed Stu. Let us know the deal with the next batch of t-shirts.

There will certainly be one that I'm looking for!!

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Everyone who has paid for one should now have received with the exception of 2 people - one in Australia, and one who's I managed to post to myself (dont ask)

Im hoping to have a few more at the Reading match, will update this next week or so.

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When I ordered mine I looked at the label of the one I was wearing to get the size, what I didn't stupidly didn't realise was that it was one my uncle sent from Thailand, and their idea of large isn't the same as ours. 5'11" and 10 1/2 stone isn't quite the right build for this large shirt.

Therefore if anyone would like to buy a large shirt I'll happily sell mine on, it seems a waste for it to be sat in a wardrobe for years until it's cleared out. It was literally on me less than a minute and hasn't been worn since. £10 inc. first-class recorded delivery (Paypal preferred, but cheques etc. are also fine) seems fair, but I am open to offers as it's just too big for me to have any use for it, so someone may as well have it.

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