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[Archived] Fa Cup Semi-final .

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GMP recommended hostelries for Rovers fans on the day:

Samuel Platts - Trafford Wharf Road

The Village - Third Avenue

Trafford Park Hotel - Ashburton Road West

Salford Quays: Lime Bar, Exchange Bar, Quay House

Would recommend The Village (big pub) to those driving, with plenty of parking on Industrial Estate behind. A short walk to the ground and easy away to M60 motorway afterwards - parked there for an England game earlier this season and it was spot on. See you all on the day - Come on You Blues!!!

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Taken From The BBC News Site

The Football Association has defended its choice of venues for the FA Cup semi-finals amid slow ticket sales.

Watford are reported to have 1,500 tickets left unsold for Saturday's semi-final against Manchester United at Villa Park.

Blackburn and Chelsea, who meet at Old Trafford on Sunday, have both failed to sell 8,000 seats of their allocations.

An FA spokesman said: "Old Trafford and Villa Park are established venues, used to dealing with the logistics."

United are the only club to have sold out their allocation for the semi-final at Villa Park, which has a capacity of 42,000.

Old Trafford's capacity has been reduced to 70,900 for Sunday's game because of segregation requirements.

Blackburn's failure to sell their allocation of 30,900 is all the more surprising given that Old Trafford is only a 37-mile trip for their fans.

We feel the ticket prices are fair

FA spokesman

But Mike Graham, of the Blackburn Independent Supporters' Association, blamed the cost of tickets.

"Our catchment area is basically just Blackburn, which is a small town," he told The Times.

"It's also a low-wage area. Even forking out the minimum of £25 per ticket is a lot, never mind the maximum £55."

Chelsea fans, meanwhile, are upset that they face a long trip to Manchester for a 1600 BST kick-off on Sunday.


Your views on the FA's choice of semi-final venues

However, the FA argues that even if Old Trafford is not full, it will still mean more fans can attend the game than if it had been held elsewhere.

"The crowd will be bigger than at any other ground we could have staged the game," said a spokesman.

"We want to make these occasions accessible to the fans. We feel the ticket prices are fair, and are appropriate to staging a big semi-final."

From next year, the semi-finals will be held at the new Wembley Stadium, which has a capacity of nearly 90,000.

"We are confident we will see big crowds at Wembley for the semi-finals," the FA spokesman said.


How many tickets have been sold up to now does anyone know? It was saying in the telegraph that the £25 & £35 had all gone

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Does anyone know who's huge rovers banner/flag that is on my signiture pic next to carmen electra?

that pic was against arsenal at cardiff in our last fa cup semi against arsenal, will it be making an apearance?

I thought it was the club who provided this one?

has anyone seen this article on bbc about last time we played Chelsea in the FA cup?

Sir Jack Walker bankrolled Rovers as they won the Premiership in 1995 while...

didn't know that uncle Jack got this title? we all know that he deserved it though :)

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Does anyone know who's huge rovers banner/flag that is on my signiture pic next to carmen electra?

that pic was against arsenal at cardiff in our last fa cup semi against arsenal, will it be making an apearance?

It could be used to cover the millions of empty seats Presty.Like at Ewood.

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Right lads n lasses, gonna be in Manc centre aroung 9.30ish, grab some brekie then it's off to Weatherspoons. Where's everyone else supping in the centre? Got The Lass O'Gowry down as a designated "Rovers" stop. Just wondered where the majority of Roverites will be drinking.

Looks like it's gonna be a cracking day weatherwise too - anywhere with a big beer garden? :tu:

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As for the flags..

This one belongs to the club and I am pretty sure it will be there:


Ah my picture, pity we lost that game. I believe we are taking the flag to the ground on Sunday.

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Guest fernhurstblue

i'll be taking my flag ..... 18' x 9' st george with blackburn rovers across the middle, that is if i can find a place to hang it ..... in the new quadrant, so it might be difficult :unsure:

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Has anyone stayed at a Travel Lodge before? I've been told they have a 24-hour (!!) bar. Do they charge extortionate prices in them?

The one in Ancoats definately has a 24 hour bar and it wasn't too expensive last time I was in there. A few people I know are staying there on Sunday night so I'll probably end up there as well. It's supposed to be for residents only but I'm sure I'll be able to sneak in somehow.

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I'm travelling over on Sunday more in hope than expectation, although I watched the Red Rats demolish a poor Roma team ( Watford will give them more of a game ) ,I still think that Chelsea are the hardest team to beat. The way I usually boil it down is " how many of our players would get in their team ? "

Brad is great but I think Cech is a better all round keeper, Nelsen on last seasons form maybe, Warnock , better than Bridge but Cole is in a different class. Bentley, Pedersen would knock on the door but wouldn't displace any of Chelsea's midfield, Tugay would look great playing for Chelsea but wouldn't displace Makelele. Bennie's good enough but Drogba and even Shevchenko work harder,

There we have it, not one player out of eleven. Looking on the bright side when we played Spurs at Cardiff with a severely weakened team I couldn't see us winning but we did ! I prefer being the underdog, all the pressure will be on Chelsea. Win, lose or draw we need to bust a gut in the cause and give them a game, no repeat of the Arsenal semi, we're still living that down.

Up the Rovers, see you all there.

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