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[Archived] Fa Cup Semi-final .

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Derbyshire and Tugs have dropped to the bench with Roberts and Dunn coming in.

Exactly the team I would have picked. I like Matty but he doesn't have anything in his toolkit (yet) that can trouble Terry. Roberts has pace, and all defenderf hate that. It'll also stop their defenders pushing too far up and thus give Benni more room.

He had to put Dunn in for Toogs otherwise Lampard would have been popping off shots from the D all afternoon.

Fingers crossed....

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I think I see how this is going, Terry falls over after hoding Roberts, free kick, Benni get's done by a lunging studs up challenge play on. Still he had to give the Terry free kick cos Carvallho handballed it right after. Grrr come on Rovers. Second half toogs and Derbs on and let's do 'em

Rovers fans could do with getting behind the lads a bit.

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We're going to regret not putting that one away from MGP, open goal should have been in. Have to say, it was all Chelsea during the first half but we've been in control pretty much during the second. We've been good enough to win this, it would be such a shame if it doesn't happen.

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