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[Archived] Pre-occupation With "how Many Tickets Have We Sold"

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Well when i went to EWood last saturday for the villa game i had no prob getting a semi ticket only prblum was it cost me £55 which is fine for me because im splurging on a ticket because im over here visiting but i would hate to think that locals would have to pay those ticket prices all the time. I mean i went to totthham the other day and and cost me almost £40 just for a jersy and to make it all the worst is that they only had smalls!!! I asked what happened and i guess that everyone are getting new kits next year so they were all out. I guess the point is that i think like you guys that football is too expencive!

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Radio 1 Newsbeat just did a really balanced piece, with a reporter outside the ticket office at Ewood Park. It focussed heavily on the fact that only £45 and £55 tickets are left, and interviewed some locals (including kids and their dad) who said they were gutted to be missing the game but couldn't afford it at those prices.

They also mentioned Rovers having a smaller fan base than the big clubs.

At last reported as it should be!!

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we tried last friday and only £35+ tickets left. i'm going like but thought it was shoddy journalism by the bbc to not point that out (edit - the bbc website)

worst of all it'd be wembley this time next year

re. fan base etc, per capita we are as well supported as the majority ie this attempt to point this out to a city fan

Population of Manchester 2005: 441,200 source

Population of Blackburn with Darwen mid 2004: 140,200 source

MCFC average attendance 06/07 to 11th March 38,941

BRFC average attendance 06/07 to 11th March 21,265


so 15% of blackburn (and darwens) population watch rovers

compared with 8.8% of Manchesters watching City..

and yeah the guy pointed out there was a red team in manchester, but there's a red team in darwen, too :D

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Just been announced on national radio (talk sport)that there are

16,000 tickets left for Sunday.

Talksh*te cannot mention Rovers without mentioning our support. Yesterday one of their presenters (Adrian Durham) said the game had to be played at o.t. because Rovers fans would not have travelled any further. He also stated that we have poor, passionless support.

Talksh*te is like The Daily Star for the ears. Unfortunately since the sad demise of Teamtalk 252 there is little alternative.

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It's amazing the power the media have over the 'unthinking' populus of this country,reading a few other Rovers forums and fans of other clubs are sticking the boot in about us not selling out.....just what is this pre-occupation they have with doing everything down connected with this club?

I usually ignore it but it does get to you after a while,we never seem to have anyone in the media who will fight our corner,even our fans are usually apathetic when it come to defending the club.

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I personally don't think that 23000+ is a bad following, its way more than the average number of home fans at most home games this season. £55 for a ticket is nothing short of robbery.

Intersting to read the article about holding the tie at the City of Manchester stadium. The comments from the F.A. just shows how out of touch with reality they really are. They're in a bubble, which, if they don't wake up to reality soon is about to pop in a big way. They're simply not fit to run the game at the highest level.

Here's an example:- One of next seasons semi finals is lets say Blackburn against Liverpool. Brights Sparks at the FA: I know, what a great idea, lets hold it at Wembley - 4-5hrs drive for each club, £55 at ticket but we expect there to be a full house. And also, one of the two teams will have to come back and do it again in a few weeks. Riddiculous!! Also, semis never used to be held at Wembley, and I strongly disagree with holding them there now, even if it was Spurs V Chelsea. It takes the gloss off getting to the final and the whole Wembley experience.

Bring back the Football League and the Old 1st Division!!! :lol:

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Would have resulted in approx 19000 tickets per club.

Bigger than the allocations to the other two clubs.

On current sales then 4,000 Rovers fans would not have got the chance to see their side play.....vindicated in using OT for the venue IMO.

Of all the 4 clubs in the semi's little old Blackburn are taking the largest following but are getting all the stick,puddled is not the word! :blink:

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Just been reading 'Chelsea chat' , for some reason Chelsea have sent their remaining tickets for tomorrow back to the FA whilst there are people queing up outside for them! They are moaning like hell about there ticket office, thats one thing you wont hear on this forum. :blink:

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Was talking to a Man Utd fan on holiday and he made a great point regarding our lack of support and just how lucky we are.

He was saying that we have a wonderful manager and a cracking team for the size of the club. We also have been more successful over the past 10-15yrs than teams that get regular 30/40 and 50k gates so why can't the people of the town come out in bigger numbers to support the club for a semi final?

I didn't have an answer because for an FA Cup semi final you should shift 30k tickets. It’s a load of cr@p about money, on a weekly basis that’s certainly an issue but for a one off cup semi final we should sell 30k. What’s happened to all the day trippers that usually come out for such big games? Worthington cup final? Full members cup final?

Anyway we'll enjoy the day and my son will have been to his first FA Cup semi final aged just 8yrs, many of us were not so lucky at that age.

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