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Transfer Speculation - Editorial.


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Rovers take on Reading tomorrow in the final game of the 2006-07 Premiership season yet before the final ball of the season is kicked the Summer transfer speculation is already hitting the back pages of the tabloids.

They say that a week is a long time in politics, well it’s no different in football. It was only last week that Andy Neild, writing in the Blackburn Citizen quoted Benni McCarthy as saying

"Blackburn showed a lot of faith in me and they got me here, whereas all the other teams I've been linked with in the past struggled and didn't succeed, so I'm very grateful for that.

"At the moment, I'm not worrying about what's being written in the papers.

"I'm just playing my football and I'm enjoying every single minute of it, from coming in for training to playing in the matches.

"To come to the Premier League and in your first season become a crowd favourite, it's just amazing.

"Very few players get that in their first season and I've got it here so I don't see any reason for me not to be grateful for what the team has done for me.

"I'm just trying to play the best football and give them everything I've got, and then whatever happens, happens.

"If the club decides to sell me, or whatever else they want to do with me, it's their call, not my call.

"I'm just a player."

One week on and Gary Payne writing for the The Sun, is quoting McCarthy as saying.

“I miss Champions League football.

“When I’m at home in the week watching the Champions League on TV and hear that music it makes me realise that there’s a part of my football make-up that is missing.

“The challenge of being part of the best, playing against the best.

“Champions League football means everything to any footballer with ambitions.

“I’ve enjoyed playing for Blackburn — and the manager and his staff are first-class. The club is really friendly and professional.

“But at 29 years old, if a club like Chelsea comes looking for you then you must seriously consider the opportunity.

“Not necessarily from a financial perspective but from a point of view where you can win trophies and compete against the AC Milans and Barcelonas of this world. I can only talk about things that are certain, not about maybes.

“But a chance to go to Chelsea — or any other Champions League team in England or Spain — would be hard to turn down.

“Blackburn gave me my chance and even though it was not a big transfer fee, I trust that I have already paid them back with my commitment and goals this season.

“If I end up being sold by Blackburn and they make a good profit, fantastic, they deserve it.

“The people at the club and the fans are great.”

Last Summer Rovers supporters had to accept the departure of top scorer Craig Bellamy to Liverpool when a contract get out clause was evoked, will they now have to sit back and watch the departure of this seasons top scorer, although they should take note of Mark Hughes comments regarding Benni McCarthy, when he was quoted mid week as saying.

“He’s not getting sold — there are no clauses in contracts this year. There will always be people checking but he’s not available full stop. I’m sure people have been asking indirectly and interest registered.

“But I get that every summer. I had to knock back interest in all my good players last summer and I expect the same. We’re not in a position to spend vast amounts of money on transfer fees but we’re not a selling club either. We don’t have to sell anyone because we’re a top-eight club.”

Unfortunately money talks and if a player wants to leave there is very little the club can do, one only has to look back to the sale of Shearer and in more recent times Duff.

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