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The Man With No Name


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Following articles in yesterday mornings papers indicating that Rovers were on the verge of being sold, Rovers Chairman John Williams admitted that there has been some progress in the past couple of months. stating

"I have said before we are willing sellers in discussions with third parties and those discussions have naturally progressed over a period of time. "We have made some progress with a third party but it is very difficult because of all of the formalities involved. "At present there is nothing else of particular significance to report."

Following this revelation and speculation of an American backer being involved, the big question over the next few days, weeks or even months will be who is The Man With No Name that is holding A Fist Full of Dollars.

The last time that the club was taken over, by Jack Walker, it was by one of our own; a local lad who had made good, whose only objective was to fulfil a dream of seeing his team play at the highest level. Even after his death, his legacy in the form of a trust made sure that Rovers were protected, however when this new High Plains Drifter strolls into town and throws back his poncho, there will be little chance that it will reveal a Blue and White shirt.

The question is, why would a non Rovers supporter want to invest in the club; I suspect it’s for the same reason that Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, West Ham, Portsmouth and Aston Villa fell into the hands of foreign investors. The same reason why Newcastle is currently the subject of a take over by retail entrepreneur Mike Ashley and why there is interest in buying Birmingham City and Manchester City. .. Money!

With global television and internet rights worth billions the lure of owning a premiership club is more of a love of a profitable asset, than for the love of the game itself.

Whilst Rovers have been reasonably successful in the post Walker days, it is inevitable that if they want to move to a higher level and keep up with the clubs previously mentioned they to will need increased investment. Jack Walker’s legacy has been to leave the club, dept free, to build a team that won the premiership, provided an academy with training facilities second to none and provided a modern stadium at Ewood. Lets just hope that any new investor is here for the long term and not for the short ride. I’d hate to think of Ewood being renamed Deadwood in years to come.

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