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New Billionaire Owner On The Agenda


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It would appear that Daniel Williams has a rival in his attempt to acquire Rovers, in the form of South African billionaire Johann Rupert.

Johann Rupert executive chairman of Richemont, the Swiss-based luxury products group whose brands include Cartier and Dunhill, is reported to be worth of in excess of £1.billion and is a passionate sportsman who owns exclusive golf resorts in South Africa.

It is understood that he has contacted other businessmen, including Wayne Huizenga, the owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL team, with a view to putting together a consortium to buy the Rovers from the Walker Trust.

Huizenga is being quoted in the press as saying.

"A good friend of mine, whose name is Johann Rupert from South Africa, asked me if I'd be a very, very small partner, I did say that I'd do that, but only because I was a friend of his. I personally have no interest in buying a team over here. I know some of our fellow NFL owners have come over here and purchased all or parts of teams, and I'm really not sure what their agenda is."

At least Mr Huizenga has something in common with Rovers supporters, who would also like to know what the agenda is. !

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