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[Archived] A Night At The Racecourse

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4 of us are going as it is the only pre-season game we can get to with holidays etc - looking forward to seeing the new kit. Presumably it will first half senior squad second half all change. Any one know what parking is like at Wrexham? - have never been before.

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ive only been once and it was wet(poss snow) and anyone wearing steel toe capped boats had to hand them in to the police and stand in bare feet in the cold!!!

Ha Ha, That happened at Stoke one game, it was clogs that season though.

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I'll be there.....

There is a pub right behind what I think is the main stand. Kop End called 'The Turf'

the locals have a very large chip on their shoulder about being WELSH not English, and the town is full of chavs

looking for cheap shots so I'd recommend anyone to keep their wits about them

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Are any of you going to take massive amounts of pictures and post them on the board or something? Sorry to ask but if not could some one send them to me, I so miss Rovers now that I am stuck in the US :( If anyone could help me out on this I would be thankful.

Thanks a bunch.

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