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[Archived] Playing Football Manager Online

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I posted something about this in the football manager thread, but I have so far been unable to solve the problem with the help that was provided or through my searches online. Does anyone know how to get a game of fm properly working online? So far no matter what we do I get the "cannot connect to server" problem. I've tried forwarding the specific ports but I don't know if I'm doing it correctly.

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My suggestion is to download a program called Hamachi (easily found with a google search) - it creates a sort of network between you and whoever you're trying to play with ... the instructions explain it better than me! Basically you both download, install and run Hamachi, designate one of you as host and create a network in hamachi, pass on the details (network name and password) to the other so they can connect to it, then they can connect to your host game by using the IP of the hamachi network... if that all makes sense! If you have any probs feel free to drop me a message. Am playing FM online using Hamachi as we speak so I can vouch that it works!

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