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[Archived] Internet Chaos

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My e-mails (including gmail) have been pretty solidly screwed up for the past two days. On Thursday evening, all voice telephony between Italy and Malta was simply switched off for about three hours - only sms was getting through.

I checked with a major company which does 99% of its business on the internet and apparently there are serious backbone capacity and operational issues in Spain and Italy.

We have moved our e-mail traffic onto different servers but this is a big issue.

Anyone else noticing or affected by it?

There have been gloomy predictions that the web would run out of capacity and grind to a halt. I had guessed that the crazy fibre laying of the early 2000s which bust so many tertiary telcos would save northern Europe but looks like the south is hitting the buffers.

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When you consider the amount of traffic on the Internet now, it comes as now surprise to me that there are problems. Downloads of music and videos, and Youtube/MySpace etc must have put unbeleivable pressure on bandwidth allowances.

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