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[Archived] Mypa-47 V Rovers

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Come on Rovers, go to finland and team up with Orvil to secure us a good result before the home leg. With that I mean a good win, 3-0 would do me nicely :)

please pin mods

Can't make it to finland unfortunaltely ... but a half day off work, the sofa and channel 5 will suffice.

Looking forward to this, especially seeing Santa Cruz. Although I would be happy enough if a few fringe players got a run out, at least as subs for the majority of the second half - keeping as many players as possible fresh for sunday.

I'd go with:


Ooijer (then play Emerton ay home on sunday)



Warnock (Wouldn't mind seeing Olsson given a run in the second half, resting Warnock)

Bentley (possibly making way for Rigters in the second half)

Mokoena (giving Savage a rest)



Santa Cruz

Roberts / Derbs (half each)

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I don't think anyone has written too much about MyPa or their squad yet. I had some free time yesterday so tried to gather something together.

Right, they've been an upper table side in Finland for yonks now. So they've played quite a bit in the euro cups and actually been one of the best local euro cup sides. That means basically just that they've pretty consistently won the smaller teams from Wales, Estonia etc that play in first qualification rounds and sometimes played decent games against more proper sides from Portugal, Switzerland etc. But that's that. They´ve never really took a big scalp or qualified in to UEFA cup/Champions League proper.

So far one of their biggest scalps, kind of, was in 2005 when they won Dundee utd on away goals.

A (rather long) match report by Dundee fans: http://www.scotland-mad.co.uk/news/loadrol...2&id=236978

(The goleador Adriano isn´t with them anymore)

The next round they lost to Grashoppers , 0-3 at home, 1-1 away. The home leg involved a bit of Jim Devine style refereeing. MyPa should have gone one-nil up but the goal was bizarrely disallowed and that kind of took the wind out of their sails...

2006 they were in the Champions league qualifications.

Won TNS from Wales on first round. 1-0 at home and away.

BBC report: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/europe/5193268.stm

The next round was against FC Copenhagen. 2-2 at home and lost 0-2 away. That was a decent achievement, becouse

the games were fairly even and Copenhagen actually went on to play a few good games in the Champions League.

(a bit crappy) Report on MyPa's site:


Both goalscores Saku Puhakainen and Eero Peltonen are still with them.

Back to year 2007, they started against the mighty EB/Streymur of Faroes. Won 1-0 at home and draw 1-1 away. By all accounts they weren't too impressive in these games. They've also been lately leaking in loads of goals in the local league, so that´s the reason their manager quitted.

Some players worth a mention:

#9 Saku Puhakainen - Quite similar player to good old Paul Dickov. A small striker who runs and works a lot.

Has loads of experience, about 300 league games with 100 goals. Some also call him the most hated player in Finland.

Scored a goal against FC Copenhagen.

#17 Aleksei Kangaskolkka - a kid with decent talent. I´ve not seen him lately, but has a good touch for player at this level.

It's interesting to see does the talent show at all against Rovers. Apparently passed the both goals against EB/Streymur.

#6 Kuami Agboh - Haven´t seen him play, but he was apparently part of the French u-18 squad that won the european championship in 1996(?) along with Terry Henry, David Trezeguet and Nic Anelka. Was also in Togo's squad at the latest World Cup. Quite a CV for a MyPa player!

Right, if you haven´t yet got enough there's highlights of their home league games at:


It's classic one camera crap and the level of the game isn´t that impressive either. It includes a clip of them winning Tampere (TamU) 4-1. Tampere was the team that just won Levski Sofia at Champs League qualifiers...

Alright, I think that's by far enough. In the end they are going to look like a pub team to you. But remeber they are pub team that spanks other pub teams.


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Does Mixu Paatelainen still work at the Bolton Coroners office? I think we should be told.

What does concern me though is the massive over confidence of the Rovers fans here...I want to say...Trelleborgs?

But I will say Genclerbirligi. 3-1 away.

In conclusion, satisfaction.

Baht apiece I reckons.

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Does Mixu Paatelainen still work at the Bolton Coroners office? I think we should be told.


Mixu is managing TPS Turku back in Finland. You can actually see them in those clips too. One

of the rising powers in Finland :rolleyes:

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I see a comfortable 2-0 win coming Rovers way.

Rovers get the early goals then settle down to a nice easy win.

TV highlights will show Jordan and Capt Mike (aka Preston Blue) doing a jig although we all know that they will simply be lashed up from the local ale !!!

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Can see Rovers winning this 1 or 2 nil, however i think a draw would be a decent enough result to bring back to Ewood.

Gonna put in a extra couple of hours at work today so can finish nice and early tomorrow to watch the game.

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What does concern me though is the massive over confidence of the Rovers fans here...I want to say...Trelleborgs?

But I will say Genclerbirligi. 3-1 away.

Trelleborgs fair enough but this is nothing like Glencer. They were a good side in a decent quality league who were at that time competing in and around Champions League clubs like Fenerbache and Galatasaray.

Still, I wouldnt be crying in my beer and hitting panic with a draw on Thursday as many others would.

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Given the Boro performance when they looked a touch sharper than us, I would pick players to get the match fitness up and also try and win the game in the first leg by attacking.

Friedal------ Bert Samba Nelsen Warnock----Bentley Dunn Savage Pederson --- Cruz Roberts

bench Mokoena, Derbs, Tugay, Brown, Ouijar

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I don't know why, but that really amused me. From now on, all 'keepers shall be referred to as "Goleadors".

Can Admin run a script on the site changing all references please?


I thought Teemu said that Adriano was the guy that scored the goals for My Pa. :huh:

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