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[Archived] Sorry! But You Lot Need Some Education!

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Plethora is a great word.

I tend to use 'pedantic' a lot, or at least I did. I think that's probably because I have a tendency to leave out important details which people have to fill in for me, which in turn makes me annoyed.

A former VP at the company where I work used to always say pendantic, instead of pedantic. After he misused the word, I was always tempted to say, "Not to be PEdantic, Jim..."

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I can well believe it , Hannah and I don't envy you in your task . That suggests to me that the current generation of semi literates aren't the first ! When did the graduates of the 70's first gain influence over the way kids are taught I wonder .... :rolleyes:

What annoys me most of all is the pretence that everything is cosy in the education system and that standards haven't declined when it's bleedin' obvious that they have .

Maybe we should encourage mass immigration of teachers from Norway *

* ( Feel free to censor that last line , SteB <_< )


Heaven help us!

At least the Norwegian idea might boost the home crowds.


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Living TV's Most Haunted has been using its own word for years now: 'vigual', which is a cross between 'vigil' and 'visual'. It annoys the hell out of me. Perhaps one of the reasons I stopped watching...

(One of?) The editors for that programme has a season ticket in the Blackburn End.

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Also it should be compulsory for pupils to spend a few hours a week in silent reading books of their own choice from the library . That way they get used to reading and get used to the form of words and sentences ........or at the very least catch up on their sleep :blink:

I can see your point about silent reading but I can tell you now OfSTED would slam you if they came in and observed that happening in the classroom! We (and they) are always looking for impact on results and that doesn't have enough!!

I have also banned silent reading across the whole school in my place as staff see it as an opportunity to sit and do nothing whilst the children ###### about at their tables certainly not reading!

Parents need to start reading books to their children from an early age to give them a love of books and continue this as they progress through school. I ensure everyday that the children in my class have a story at least once. It is the only time of the day when i have everyones full attention and they love it. It is this that has had the biggest impact on their reading as it gives them the reason to want to read.

Teachers have to teach to tests - when everything is judged on results you have no choice but to jump through the hoops. Until the tests focus on these areas it will not be taught to the high standards of the past that you all seem to be refering to!

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Living TV's Most Haunted has been using its own word for years now: 'vigual', which is a cross between 'vigil' and 'visual'. It annoys the hell out of me. Perhaps one of the reasons I stopped watching...

Quite right too, it's outrendous when people make up words like that!


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The most annoying misuse of grammar and the like for me is the incorrect use of the word "literally" - as in those who state , for example , that they literally "hit the roof" !

That's my favourite to be honest, it seems to be misused in sport more than anywhere else. I think they had started a collection of Jamie Redknapp's some of which were Scholes is literally painting a picture on the pitch, and the Spurs defence were literally dead on their feet.

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Speaking of misuse of words, the one that really sends me catatonic is when people say that something that has been completely destroyed or express their utter desolation by using the word "decimated". It is frequently heard following natural catastrophes, plane crashes, death of celebrities, etc and while I can forgive the uneducated and ignorant, I have even heard news reporters (supposedly intelligent people) saying it. It doesn't mean destroy completely or kill in vast numbers or desolated. It means a forced reduction (usually by death) of 10%. 10%! No more! Aaaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!

The last episode of the latest series of Doctor Who had the Master claiming he will "decimate the population of Earth". Next sentence - "reduce it by a tenth!"

Nice to see the Beeb still trying to educate viewers - either that or RTD is as fed up with the misuse as well!

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Isn't it because that is how the Yanks say it and like everything else then gets used over here?

The ones that make me laugh are :-

we was (we were)

we where (we were)

three off (three of)

Most of the Norwegians on here write excellent English with hardly any grammatical errors in what is their second language. I wonder why?

Just a guess, but it might be something to do with the fact that they still actually have education in their schools; something we abandoned in the UK many years ago.

I first visited Norway in 1953 in the Royal Navy. We were on a courtesy visit, and I was very impressed by the fact that when we went ashore just about everybody that we spoke to could understand, and mostly speak perfect English. Even very young children could speak some English. I found that to be impressive even then, and that was in the days when we in England still had a proper education system, with real examinations at the end of it; not the joke system that they use today to boost pass levels and make certain that every pupil leaves with a good crop of passes, but still without much idea of spelling or grammar.

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