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Hughes To Chelsea.


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A Bridge To Soon


Within hours of the news breaking that “the Special One” Jose Mourinho had left Stamford Bridge, speculation was rife regarding his replacement and many a Rovers fan were speculating that Mark Hughes would be a contender for the Bridge Hot seat.

With limited funds, Hughes has brought together a squad capable of challenging the top four, and is making a name for himself in club management after his reign as Wales manager.

Whilst I appreciate that Rovers is just a stepping stone, in Hughes career path; in my opinion, I would suggest that, Hughes would not want to take over the poison chalice at Stamford Bridge at this stage of his career, preferring to finish the job that he has started at Ewood Park, in an atmosphere where he has full backing of the board and the respect of his players, who are prepared to put their bodies in where it hurts. Or head in Chris Samba’s case.

I would have to reiterate Rovers goalkeeper Brad Friedel comments yesterday that as long as Mark Hughes remains at Ewood Park, Rovers can put themselves in a position to win some silverware.

Once that is achieved then that is the time that Rovers supporters should worry about Hughes departure.

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