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[Archived] Online Pro Evo League (xbox360)

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Does anyone play in any online leagues?

I play in one www.pelluk.co.uk

Season three is starting in a couple of weeks and they have just made it much bigger so theres loads of room for new applicants so thought I would give fellow Rovers a headsup about this.

They all play it in good spirit, ie. no stupid formations, no just giving it to Adriano, and no cutbacks (running to the byline and passing it across the box to leave an empty net).

Just tell em Techno sent you and the Admins and Mods will play you a few games. Also theres a wee friendly tournament starting (world cup i think it will be) in the next week or so after everyone has had a few days to get used to the new game!

Ps. hope i dont get done for advertising this. Its not my site, im not even a mod I just wanted to let people who are interested know about it as its a great laugh for people who love the game!

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I dont know if its being discussed elsewhere, but from what I have gathered they arent using servers this year, its two xboxs connecting to each other, so they are just having teething problems with frame rates etc.

Im sure somebody will correct me if this isnt the problem

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