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[Archived] Dingles V Southampton

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I cant get to a Rovers game till either the Villa or Newcastle game, and am thinking about going to Dingleville to watch my hometown team, Hull City play them in the first week in November...

Can anyone give me any advice..... i.e. what should I look out for (I already know about the 3-eyed fish and the 2-headed dogs... I've warned the other Hull City fans of these already, btw)...

Which train station is nearest their ground?

I've checked trains and there is 3 stations, yet f**k all trains going there! ...would it be wise parking my car in bumley? ...though I dont know where there is to park!

On City fan told me they have a nice fish n' chip shop opposite the ground... i replied with "You think that was fish n'chips you was eating?" ;)

Is there a Maccy-D's there or anywhere to eat? (I can imagine a fake version called "McDingle's" or something...they have fake versions of things in s**t places... like in Leeds they have those fake KFCs)

...OR, would it simply be easier to take a packed lunch? :P

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Hmmmm! I guess when they finally get round to working out that it was probably done by a Rovers fan, (sometime next summer?) then we can stand by to defend our own Wikipedia entry from a massed attack by slimeballs and Dingles. Watch out for one especially vitriolic Dingle that attacks us regularly in the LT and who goes under the pseudonym of Hibegg. :lol:

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