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[Archived] Burnley Have Sacked The Gaffer


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Also amusing that the dingles seem to think Brian Laws is a big name manager who could propel them to the Premiership.

Just seen this whilst munching my sandwiches- taken from the Sky sports web site:

Longest-serving Championship Managers




Aidy Boothroyd


March 2005

Dave Jones (just received the Ridsdale vote of confidence)


May 2005

Gary Johnson

Bristol City

Sept 2005

Simon Grayson


Nov 2005

George Burley


Dec 2005

Jim Magilton


June 2006

Tony Pulis


June 2006

Paul Simpson (now fired)


June 2006

Ian Holloway


June 2006

Mick McCarthy


July 2006

Why bother be a Coca Cola manager?

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As I posted on the other "Trouble at t'turd" thread Brendan Flood is moving in and is going to take over the club. (Imagine that - a takeover rumour that actually materialises!). Kilby is a typical two-bob millionaire who really does not have enough cash to fund a football club properly.

Flood has serious wealth and an appetite to invest it. Ousting Kilby and the rest of the muppet board will be next and they will land a proper manager. My suspicion is that they will take their time and get him in place for next year as Flood and McLean (his right hand man) will want to finalise the clear out before installing a new team.

Chesh, you've obviously got a bit of insider knowledge here. I'm reading it , probably a few other too, so please keep it coming.



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They're creepy and they're kooky,

Mysterious and spooky,

They're all together ooky,

The Burnley Family.

I really hope we get them in a cup tie so we can sing this... it'd sound surreal if thousands of us sung this together and clicked our fingers!

Think it goes more like-

"Your father had your mother,

your sister and your brother,

you're sh*****g one and other,

the Burnley fam-il-ee"

but your's is good as well ;)

Either one of these would be awesome, accompanied by chanting and clapping the theme music, the whole ground singing that would be outstanding.

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In Saturday's Telegraph they are backing off somewhat from an assertion the previous day that Grayson and Newell are definitely on the Dingles shortlist, but say they are "still in the frame".

The one thing that seems to be accepted is that Kilby and Flood have drawn up a five man shortlist.

Apart from Grayson and Newell the LT mentions Darren Ferguson, Owen Coyle and Brian Laws.

Although no-one appears confident enough to put their name to the article!

Coyle sounds nearest to nicko's mate who is an up and coming young manager, potentially top drawer!


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Apparently Palmer's already got preparations under way, I heard he's had his name changed to Kerrlton Permer.

:lol::D:lol: Thats quality!

For the record - Peter Reid turned up at Kilby's house for an interview - hung over, stinking of booze, and unshaven!!! TRUE!

Looks like its his job then!

'Peter Reid has got a dingles head'

One Love - BRFC

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Well all I can say is that I wish Owen had NOT got the Dingles job; he is FAR too good for them. My one consolation is that I will again be able to see the Rovers stuffing Burnley at Turf moor and Ewood. I have never missed a derby game(cup or league) for almost 50 years and don't intend to start now. I know you people don't think it's possible for a Scot to be anything like good enough to get the Dingles promoted, but I am telling you all now that if he is given the funds he will turn Burnley into a promotion outfit, and maybe not this season but maybe next, he will have them promoted to the Prem. We will see, and I hope you doubters will have the good grace to admit you were wrong.

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What with all these bloody Jocks bigging up Coyle? If he was that good there have been plenty of bigger clubs needing a new manager in recent months - why haven't any of them taken him on board? I can remember when Steve Cotteril was supposed to be one of the brightest young managerial talents outside the Prem!

I also can't make sense of the 'he is far too good for them' comment Fife! Based on what exactly - what's he achieved on his CV? My Burnley supporting mates are very disappointed that they ended up with him.

Sounds to me like some guy has made a bit of a name for himself in the Scottish tinpot league and come down here with certain people assuming that his success will carry on regardless!

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I am not going to discount the fella, it is quite possible the dingles have pulled a rabbit out of the hat on this one. I have listened to the fella and I do like the way he comes across, seems to have a real passion for the game. He comes over as very upbeat and positive, wants to play good football and understands it's about the fans, they may as nicko says have unearthed a gem. I think the one fellas burnleh supporting mates are only upset cos they did not get a big name, looks to me like this fella will do.

Apparently Bolton were sniffing around him but chose Megaphonson cos of experience.

I think Cotterill took them back a step or two, Stan the Man was the one who established a foothold for them, twice narrowly missing the playoffs. Cotterill never got close.

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