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[Archived] North West Football Awards


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I saw something on SSN last night that Rovers representatives would be in attendance?

Did anyone go? did we win anything?

There hasn't been much chat on here or anywhere else-was just wondering if anyone had any news on the night?

Apologies if this has already been mentioned.

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''Mikel Arteta scooped the award for the Premiership Player of the Year category''

WTF! :huh:

Would have only been in the North West, but still a strange decision, when you have the likes of Ronaldo and Gerrard also based in the North West. And Samba :rolleyes:

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I think this award is certainly overdue and I have been commenting for some time that over the past couple of years Rovers have come on leaps and bounds trying to get support back into fortress Ewood. Keep up the good work as it can't be easy!!

Now if we could just get our club shop back................................. and get our shirts on sale before September!!

But seriously this award should not be dismissed lightly

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